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Welcome to STLHE 2016

Opening remarks from STLHE President Robert Lapp.

Good morning and welcome to the 36th annual conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education! Quel plaisir de vous souhaiter le bienvenue à notre Congrès annuel de la SAPES. Nous souhaitons la bienvenue particulièrement chaleureuse aux nouveaux- et novelles-venues à la SAPES, qui sont venues grossir nos rangs au cours de l’année, et qui sont engagés dans la réalization de notre grand projet qui consiste à améliorer la qualité de l’enseignement post-sécondaire. Et beinvenue a ceux et celles qui sont venues des pays hors du Canada, et aussi aux étudiants et étudiantes, non seulement ceux et celles du deuxième et troisième cycle, mais aussi du premier cycle, membres surtout de la cohort 2016 du prix national d’excellence 3M pour étudiants. Et n’y manquierez-vous pas la Plenière des Etudiants 3M—-vendredi matin a onze heure-quinze.

You know, I feel very fortunate, as President of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, to share this special moment with you today:The launching the 36th annual STLHE Conference. And, not only have we come together once again to engage the vision of our founders back in 1981 who saw the potential for “effecting change” by creating a dynamic and transformative conversation about how best to improve the quality of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. And to do this by simply bringing together in one place Educational Developers and rank-and-file faculty from all across the country – faculty who saw themselves as more than just subject experts, but rather as educators. And not only is this conversation unique in Canada in the way that it transcends provincial boundaries and disciplinary boundaries, and now institutional boundaries of all kinds, by engaging all sectors of Higher Education equally.

And not only does that conversation now include students, both graduate and undergraduate, this conference now attracts delegates from around the world, including our sister organizations in the United States, and the UK, and Australia. And a warm welcome to all those here today from abroad!

Lapp_Liisa_350-- STLHE 2016, Matt Ballard

Robert Lapp (STLHE President) and Liisa Sheldrick (3M Canada – Communications and Community Relations Manager) share a moment before the start of the opening session.

But also: this year, that conversation takes place in London, Ontario, home not only of some of those first founders in 1981, but also of our beloved sponsor 3M Canada, who, for thirty years has underwritten the most prestigious teaching award in Canada, the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.

So this moment is not just the beginning of our 36th annual conference, but also the culmination of our year-long celebration of the 30th anniversary of this historic partnership. Not only that, this anniversary coincides with an important renewal of the award to match the changing landscape of Higher Education in Canada by the extension of eligibility for the award to Educational Leaders and Excellent Teachers in all sectors of Higher Education in Canada, including our Community Colleges, our CEGEPS, our Polytechnics, our Institutes, and our Universities of all sizes and missions!

So with that, I’ll leave you with just two more thoughts. One is, be sure to drop by our Annual General Meeting on Thursday at 12:45 in the Mustang Lounge—to get a sense of how your hard working Board of Directors is carrying on the work and vision of our founders. Secondly, keep the conference theme in mind: in order to “effect change,” we need to “empower learners,” and by “learners” we don’t just mean people external to ourselves – we mean ourselves as learners — after all, we take turns being leaders and learners, learners and leaders, because we are all at different stages of the life Quest formulating different life Questions.

Here in London Ontario, our dream-team of a conference-organizing committee – a set of exemplary educational leaders from Fanshawe and Western – have created a space of learning for us to enjoy, to grow in, and to empower ourselves to effect change.

So have a great conference everyone! Bon congres!

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