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February email blast

 In this email blast:STLHE 2016, 2014 3M National Student Fellows – Student Voices, Purple Professor Says – I know, I wrote the book!, and Upcoming dates and deadlines. (Having trouble seeing this email? Use this link.)

STLHE 2016: “Empowering Learners: Effecting Change” hosted by Western University and Fanshawe College will be held from June 21-24 in London Ontario. Adjudication of the 497 submitted proposals is under way and early bird registration for STLHE’s annual conference will come online in early March.

Use this link for the latest STLHE 2016 conference news.

2014 3M National Student Fellows – Student Voices: University Affairs was pleased to published the Student Fellows capstone project writing a series of ten articles to start a discussion on “the importance of adapting postsecondary education to the needs of learners in the 21st century.”
  • As I consider the Student Voices articles of the 2014 3M National Student Fellows is ‘Spectamur Agendo’…. Let us be judged by our actions. These students have provided educational leadership through their writing and they have given us much to think about — Maureen Connolly, 3MNSF Award coordinator
  • Here we find recipes for change and adaptation from the “bleeding edge” of undergraduate experience in “the classroom called life.” — Robert Lapp, President STLHE.

Purple Professor Says– I know, I wrote the book! The death of the author, indeed: what author? I’m an author. I’m not dead. I’m still writing. Published another block-buster the other day; got one rejected, too: idiots; I’ll get them for that. Of course, not everyone out there is intelligent enough to understand the intricacies of what I write. My audience are specialists who can read between the lines and understand that the vast majority of critics don’t know what they are talking about. The articulated authority of the spoken word, indeed: pure nonsense. And I do know: I am the expert in this field. Carve it in stone, I say, like I did, when I published my first textbook. Updated it a bit, mind, over the years, and those royalties are still pouring in from 1,500 students in my first year class. They all have to buy a copy. I AM the authority. There’ no artsy-crafty wiggle-room when you read my textbook. It’s all fact, that’s what it is. No stuff and nonsense there. Science, I say: pure science. Cut out the vagaries of the corrupt and corrupting language and let the scientific facts wrapped up in their mathematical formulas and proofs, formulas that can never lie, speak for themselves. As for me: I am the master of those facts. I wrote the book, the only book you’ll ever need. And that’s a fact.

Past musings of the Purple Professor are available on the STLHE Web site.

Upcoming dates and deadlines:

Jon Houseman
Secretary, STLHE




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