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May email blast

In this email blast: MAGNA Partnership, EDC and 3M Council Election Results, Voting at the AGM of STLHE, Reminder: Bylaw Discussion Forum, STLHE 2015 Update, Reminder: 3M National Teaching Fellows Impact Study, and Upcoming dates and deadlines.  (Having trouble seeing this email? Use this link.)

Magna_220wMAGNA Partnership
The Board is pleased to announce that we have signed a two year renewal of our Agreement with MAGNA for their online seminar series. In the new agreement individual STLHE members and educational centers at our institutional members will receive a 20% discount when they register using the links on our web page and enter the Discount Code STLHESAPES20. In addition to the 20% discount STLHE will received 20% of the registration fee. During May through July MAGNA is rebroadcasting some of its popular sessions at a discount; so it’s a great time to double dip the discount and register for an online seminar.

EEDC3M_250DC and 3M Council Election Results
The call for nominations is complete and the votes have been counted for new EDC and 3M Council executive members. New EDC executive members are: Erin Aspenlieder (Secretary), Stephanie Chu (Vice-Chair Communications), and Celia Popvic (Vice-Chair Conferences). Two new Members-at-large on the 3M Council are Ron Marken and Jessica Riddell. The Society and its constituencies rely on the volunteer efforts of our members and we congratulate both these new executive members for stepping up to give and hand and the current executive members for their ongoing work with the EDC and 3M Council.

Voting_250Voting at the Annual General Meeting of STLHE
Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Society has been circulated to members. The AGM will occur on June 18, 2015 from 1:00-2:00 at the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver – the site of the 2015 STLHE Conference. New requirements in the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations act require voting on certain matters of business, including election of directors and changes to bylaws, must occur at the AGM. This creates two logistical problems for the Society. The first is how to allow time for adequate discussion and the second is how to involve more than those who attend the AGM. In attempt to overcome these issues the board has approved the use of an online vote/poll starting two weeks before the AGM on June 4th and closing at 12:00 noon on the day of the AGM. The result of the vote/poll will be presented at the AGM for a ratification vote. We will be providing additional information as it becomes available by posting it on the AGM 2015 web page.

Bylaws250Reminder: Bylaw Discussion Forum
Last September the Board approved the new By-laws for STLHE proposed by Robert, Denise and Jon. The new by-laws were required because of requirements of the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations The Board has approved, and opened, a month long online discussion forum in the STLHE Member’s Centre (The members only section). Supporting documents on the changes that can be found on the website and are available in the forum include: the proposed by-laws, a general guide to the bylaw changes, and an annotated version of the old and new by-laws. If time is an issue you can drop by and make general comments or make more detailed comments on individual sections. We need to hear from you.

BlastSTLHE2015STLHE 2015: Reminders and an Update
STLHE 2015 is less than a month away and we expected to sell out soon! The conference website has been updated with the full program and STLHE Program at a glance includes a schedule of meeting and special events occurring during the conference. Start planning your personal schedule by signing up with to view the current program, special events and create your personal conference profile. A couple of important deadlines: the availability of the rooms blocked at the conference rate for the Days Inn Vancouver room ends May 25 and June 1 is the last day to book tours and excursions including discounted tickets for the FIFA Women’s World Cup – drop by the the STLHE Visitor Information page to register.

3M250Reminder: 3M National Teaching Fellows Impact Study
The 3MNTF program was developed in 1985 between STLHE and 3M Canada and despite this history, there has not been a systematic review of the impact of this program on individuals, individuals, and on 3M Canada. As part of this 3 year 3MNTF impact study we have conducted focus groups, collected archival data, and now are looking for a wider perspective with this questionnaire being open to everyone in higher education. Whether you know a lot or a little about the 3MNTF we invite you to complete the questionnaire and we encourage you to forward it to your colleagues. Thank you to everyone that has completed the Questionnaire. If you haven’t, there is still time for you to do so by following this link to the questionnaire.

Upcoming dates and deadlines:

Jon Houseman
Secretary, STLHE.

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