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April email blast

In this email blast:  Green Guide Editorial Team, New By-law Discussion Forum, 3M National Teaching Fellows Impact Study, STLHE 2015: Reminder and an Update, Membership Fees Frozen for 2016, and Upcoming dates and deadlines. (Having trouble seeing this email? Use this link.)

Greenguides250Green Guide Editorial Team
STLHE is delighted to announce the new editorial team for its Green Guides Series: Dianne Batemann (Champlain College) – Managing Editor; Roger Moore (St. Thomas University) – Senior Editor; and Associate Editors Lisa Dickson (University of Northern British Columbia), Mary Wilson (Niagara College) Alp Oran (University of Ottawa), Norman Baird (Western University) Matthew Stanach (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Brandon Karchewski (McMaster University/Calgary University), Anne Marie Ryan (Dalhousie University) and Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Simon Fraser University). The editorial team will, in consultation with the STLHE members, be revising and updating the process for submission of Green Guide proposals. The editorial team will also be providing support to authors from the proposal stage right through to publication. Any questions or inquiries about the Green Guides and proposals should be sent to the managing editor, Dianne Bateman.

NBylaws250ew By-law Discussion Forum 
Last August the Board approved new by-laws for STLHE proposed by and Executive Committee working group consisting of Robert, Denise, and Jon. The new by-laws were required because of requirements of the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act and to clean up and streamline the existing by-laws. The Act requires that By-laws be approved only at the Annual General Meeting and this creates two logistical problems for the Society. The first is how to allow time for adequate discussion and the second is how only to involve more than those who attend the AGM in the discussions. The Board has approved, and opened, a month-long online discussion forum in the STLHE Members Centre. Supporting documents on the changes can be found on both the website and in the forum, and these include the proposed by-laws, a general guide to the bylaw changes, and an annotated version of the old and new by-laws. You can drop by the discussion forum and make general comments or comment on individual sections. We need to hear from you.

3M2503M National Teaching Fellows Impact Study
We would like to hear your perspective through a short online questionnaire on the 3M National Teaching Fellowship. The 3MNTF program was developed 30 years ago as a unique partnership between STLHE and 3M Canada yet there has never been a systematic review of the impact of this program on individuals, on institutions, or on 3M Canada. As part of this 3-year 3MNTF impact study we have conducted focus groups, collected archival data, and now are looking for a wider perspective by opening this questionnaire to everyone in higher education. Whether you know a lot or a little about the 3MNTF we invite you to complete the questionnaire and to forward the link for the questionnaire to your colleagues.

BlastSTLHE2015STLHE 2015: Reminder and an Update
Remember, a $50 saving for early bird registration for STLHE 2015 closes on April 30th. With the acceptance of 279 of the 448 submitted proposals, the final program is starting to come together and will be online soon. Congratulations to the STLHE 2015 authors! If you have questions about your proposal please contact Judy Chan. In addition to finalizing the sessions, the conference organizers have also been putting the finishing touches on a variety of guided scenic tours and excursions at special group rates for those attending the conference. Use this link to find out more.

MembershipFees250 Fees Frozen for 2016
Each year, as part of the preparations for the Annual General Meeting, the STLHE Board determines whether Institutional and Individual Membership fees should be raised. Over the past year the numbers of both memberships have increased and the finances of the Society are healthy, as will be reported later by the Treasurer. For this reason the Board sees no reason to increase membership fees, which will remain frozen for 2016.

Upcoming dates and deadlines:

Jon Houseman
Secretary, STLHE.

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