2019 Recipient

2019 TAGSA Award Recipient

Gerry Gourlay

The recipient of the TAGSA Award for an Outstanding Conference Session Led by a Graduate Student for 2019 is Gerry Gourlay from the University of Victoria for her session titled: Culture Shift: The Four-Year Transformation of Teaching in a Biology Department. In Gerry’s session, she shared her experience of shifting the teaching culture in the biology department at the University of Victory by championing the implementation of the Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC) program. As described by an excerpt of Gerry’s abstract: “The TAC program positions graduate students as partners (SaP) working with both institutional staff and faculty to enhance teaching and learning (Healey, Flint, & Harrington, 2014). Within four years, the program not only impacted TAs but also Senior Lab Instructors (SLIs), the department chair, and even faculty members (Gourlay & Korpan, 2018).”