Pat Rogers Poster Prize Coordinator

The Pat Rogers Poster Award was established to promote the importance of posters as opportunities to disseminate research results in an interactive way and to explore creative, effective and innovative teaching and learning practices. The Program Coordinator oversees and manages all aspects of this Award. These posters are adjudicated annually at the STLHE conference in June.


  • Chairs the Selection Committee meeting, and assists with adjudication.
  • Liaises with STLHE conference organizers to arrange presentation ceremony.
  • Consults with, and reports to, the STLHE Awards Chair.

Criteria for Applicants

  • STLHE member in good standing.
  • Willingness to commit the time necessary to achieve the goals of the Pat Rogers Poster.
  • Attendance at the STLHE annual conference

Term of Appointment—three years, with the possibility of renewal.