Pat Rogers Poster Award

The Pat Rogers Award was established in 2008 to encourage innovative and effective poster presentations during the STLHE annual conference.

The award honours Pat Rogers, past president of STLHE(1995 to 2000).

The Pat Rogers Poster Award promotes the importance of posters as opportunities to disseminate research results in an interactive way and to explore creative, effective and innovative teaching and learning practices. Articles based on posters will be eligible for submission to the annual journal Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching (CELT), a publication drawing largely from the work of Conference presenters (also including workshops, concurrent sessions, and roundtables).

The current Pat Rogers Poster Award coordinator is Melanie Hamilton from Lethbridge College.

Award Criteria include:

  1. Conceptual Depth and Content: The poster demonstrates originality, substance, and depth, as well as a robust conceptual basis.
  2. Clarity: The poster communicates its message effectively. It avoids large amounts of difficult‐to‐ read text and adopts innovative and visual approaches to communicating information. The poster may incorporate supplemental electronic media, and presenters may provide more detailed explication in a handout.
  3. Design: The visual design and use of images and diagrams effectively reinforce the themes and concepts explored.
  4. Potential for Engagement: The poster demonstrates potential to inspire active learning, by fostering greater interaction between viewer and presenter.


2017 David Hickey (Department of English at the University of Prince Edward Island)

2016 Steven Gedies (Donald J Smith School of Building Technology at Fanshawe College)

2015 Amy Falk Smith (Research and Education Strategic Decision Analyst for the College of Engineering at UC Davis), Alberto Guzman- Alvarez (Statistical Analyst for the UC Davis iAMSTEM Hub) and Marco Molinaro (Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and UC Davis iAMSTEM Hub Director), “Understanding the curve: Implications of norm-referenced grading in large introductory science courses”.

2014 Sally Heath, Michael Daly & Jeanette McDonald, Wilfrid Laurier University, Preparing and Supporting Faculty Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms: Best Practices and Lessons Learned/ing

2013 Aarthi Ashok, Lecturer from the Department of Biological Sciences at University of Toronto – Scarborough, “Engage me with research: Creative course and assignment design in a large Biology course”.