STLHE Outstanding Volunteer Award


The Outstanding Volunteer Award will recognize members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for an extended period of time by providing volunteer service to STLHE. 

This includes those members who provide volunteer service to the Society, where such service would normally be a financial cost to the Society and those members who provide outstanding leadership to the Society in volunteer service or are recognized as role models in leading STLHE initiatives.


  • Candidates will be members of STLHE. 
  • Directors or other STLHE officers are not eligible for the award during current service on the Board 
  • No one individual shall receive the Award more than once.

Each year, the members of the Board of directors will be invited to submit nominations for the Award and a decision will be made at the April Board meeting.

The Award criteria will be posted shortly.

The Award

  • The award is offered every two years (odd number years i.e. 2017, 2019, 2021..).
  • A certificate given at the STLHE annual general meeting at the STLHE June conference.
  • $1500 towards conference registration and travel expenses.


Valerie Lopes
STLHE Outstanding Volunteer Award Coordinator