Lynn Taylor, 2018

University of Calgary

Lynn Taylor’s colleagues, local and afar, use a myriad of superlatives to describe her character. They include, but are not limited to: steadfastly principled, a dedicated community builder and volunteer, an inspirational change leader, a ground-breaking pioneer in the scholarship of teaching and learning and of educational development.

Lynn’s impact in the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) and across Canada over a sustained period of time has been substantial. She served on the Society’s Board, as a member of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship selection committee, was co-founder of the CJSoTL, and was instrumental to the emergence and professionalization of Educational Developers Caucus as one of its organizational founders and inaugural Vice Chair Professional Development (2004-2006).

One of the most compelling aspects of Lynn Taylor’s story is her remarkable influence as a mentor, coach, and role model. Lynn is praised as one who ‘gives back’ through interactions in the community, one who contributes to the careers of others, one who fosters care, one who models the ethic of development, collegiality, and strong values—an ideal mentor and the person a more junior colleague seeks to emulate.

Lynn Taylor’s contributions to higher education and educational development can be summed up as “transformative”. In the words of one of her many supporters and admirers, Lynn is “a beacon of light for those of us trying to improve teaching and learning in Canada”.