Previous Recipients


Northwest Aboriginal Canadian Entrepreneurs (NW–‐ACE)

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business University of Victoria – Dr. Saul Klein, Dr. Brent Mainprize, Ms. Charmaine Stack, Ms. Nicole Wallace, Ms. Helena Zhang, Ms. Ruth Young, Prof. Mark Bridge, Dr. Graham Brown, Dr. Mark Colgate, Dr. Vivien Corwin, Prof. Chris Graham, Prof. Mia Maki, Mr. Greg Martin, Ms. Francesca de Bastiani, Mr. Dave McKeever, Mr. Dan Nesbitt, Prof. Heather Ranson, Dr. Brock Smith, Mr. Cory Stephens, Ms. Jacquie Ridley Mr. Calvin Albright, Mr. David Try, Ms. Denise Williams, Ms. Jordyn Hrenyk, Mr.Frank Parnell, Mr. Fraser Earl, Mr. Arthur Mercer, Mr.Todd Dunlop and Ms. Robyn Kruger

2016 Published Paper


No award


Curricular and Co-Curricular Leadership Learning for Engineering Students

University of Toronto—Doug Reeve, Annie Simpson, Cindy Rottmann, Greg Evans, Estelle Oliva-Fisher, Amy Huynh, Brian Tran, Kristina Minnella, Robin Sacks, Patricia Sheridan, David Colcleugh, Nick Evans and Deborah Peart

2014 Published Paper


Enriching Educational Experiences through UBC’s First Year Seminar in Science (SCIE113)

University of British Columbia—Jim Berger, Gülnur Birol, Alice Cassidy, Joanne Fox, Andrea Han, Joanne Nakonechny, Simon Peacock, Lacey Samuels and Ashley Welsh.

2013 Published Paper


Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the Program of Interprofessional Practice Education and Research (PIPER) 

McMaster University—Jenn Salfi, Josh Smalley, Beth MurrayDavis, Anne Malott, Dyanne Semogas, Bonny Jung, Alan Neville, Patty Solomon, Gillian Schaible, Carl DeLottinville, Denise Marshall and Andrew Burke

2012 Published Paper


Saskatchewan Inter-professional Problem-based Learning Project

University of Saskatchewan—Peggy Proctor (submission coordinator), Arlis McQuarrie, Marcel D’Eon, Nora McKee, and Krista Trinder, Peggy MacLeod, Pat Wall, Jane Cassidy, Doreen Walker and Megan O’Connell

University of Regina—Erin Beckwell

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology—Darlene Scott

2011 Published Paper


The Communications and Cultural Competence Website and Medical Literacy Project:
A Professional Curriculum for international Medical Graduates

University of Toronto—Lynn Russell (coordinator), Leila Lax, Laura Jayne Nelles,
Catherine Smith, Lorena Dobbie, Kevin Hobbs, Jacquie Jacobs, Stan Rogal, and Colette Peters

2010 Published Paper


Mission-conseil—Histoire de Bois de veine

Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue—Pierrette Doré (project coordinator)

Honorable Mention


Integrative Teaching and Learning to Bridge Pre-Clinical Sciences in Veterinary Medicine

University of Saskatchewan—Baljit Singh (project coordinator)

Honorable Mention


Complex Care, Complex Issues: innovations in development and content for effective team learning online


University of Ottawa and St. Paul UniversityRichard Clark, Beckie Walbourne, Pippa Hall, Lynda Weaver, Susan Brajtman, Peter Barnes, Tim Willett, Brad Genereaux, Patti O’Brien, and Daniel Mroz

2009 ABA Published Paper


Mech 2: A Collaboratively Designed and Delivered Program for Second-Year Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia—Elizabeth Croft, Martin Davy,
Markus Fengler, Sheldon Green, Antony Hodgson, Philip Loewen, Peter Ostafichuk, Warren Poole,
Steven Rogak, Gary Schajer, Michael Schoen, Tatiana Teslenko, Brian Wetton, and Joseph Yan

2008 ABA Published Paper


Engineering Strategies and Practice:  Team Teaching a Service Learning Course for a Large Class

Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto—Phil Anderson, Robert Andrews,
Mark Kortschot, Susan McCahan, Sandy Romas, Kim Woodhouse and Peter Weiss

2007 ABA Published Paper


Outcomes-Based Learning at a Whole Program Level

Renaissance College, University of New Brunswick—Pierre Zundel, Mark Bishop, Mike Carr, Gerry Clarke, Jo Anne Colford, Kathleen Fong, Jonathan Foster, Rick Hutchins, Victoria Moon Joyce, Neyda Long, Eamonn Lynch, Thomas Mengel,Valerie Reeves, Carol Roderick, Jennifer Pazienza, Al Sharp, Richard Sapcek, John Valk

2006 ABA Published Paper


Process Based Learning: A Unique Theoretical and Active Learning Model of Faculty Collaboration, Student Collaboration and Experiential Learning

Cape Breton University—Elizabeth Beaton, Nicole Claener, Jane Connell, Rob Gildert, John Hudec, Richard MacKinnon, Barry Moore, Pam Seville

Honorable Mention


Skills Development with Students and Explicit Integration Across Four Years of the Curriculum

McMaster University—Sheila Barrett, Julie Butler, Elizabeth Cates, Carl deLottinville, Delworth Harnish, Manel Jordana, Erika Kustra,Jennifer Landicho, Annie Lee, Andrea McLellan, Jennifer McKinnell, Stash Nastos, Debbie Nifakis, Sean Park, Stacey Ritz, Margaret Secord, Henry Szechtman, Kristina Trim

2005 ABA Published Paper


Fostering Creative Problem-Solving in a Multi-Disciplinary Environment

University of Calgary—Daryl Caswell, Diane Douglas, Marian Eggermont, Diane Howard, Clifton Johnston, Robert Day, Peter Deacon

2004 ABA Published Paper


“Always Ask Why?” Teaching Philosophy 101: The “Supersection” Experience at the University of Alberta

University of Alberta—Cressida Heyes, Paul Beach, Cristina Berccea, Jeff Hodgson, David Kahane, Lisa Kretz, Brian Leachy, Chris Lepock, Chris McTavish, Elizabeth Panasiuk, Jennifer Runke, John Simpson, Leah Amontrout Spencer, Jennifer Welchman

2003 Published Paper


Ingénierie, design et communication: élaboration d’un cours où l’on sème des compétences de l’ordre de la communication, du travail en équipe et de la méthodologie de projet chez les étudiantes et les étudiants de première année en génie

Université Laval—Louise Arsenault, Christian Bouchard, Nathalie Boudreault, Pierre Choquette, Maire-Laure Dano, Liliana Gavril, Laurent Giraud, Jean Claude Méthot, Corina Oancea, Michel Rocheleau, Daniel Rousse

2002 Published Paper


Developing Critical Thinking Skills in a Multidisciplinary Context: Meeting the Challenges of Collaborative Teaching in the McGill School of Environment

McGill University—Martin J. Lechowicz, Don Baker, Michel Lapointe, Jeanne Paquette, Wayne Pollard, Marcia Waterway, and Terry Wheller

2002 Published Paper


Team Teaching and Team Learning in UBC’s MBA Core

University of British Columbia—Steve Alisharan, Anthony Boardman, Barbara Cox, Peter Frost, Devereaux Jennings, Nancy Langton, Tom McCormick, Peter Nemetz, Wayne Norman, and Rick Pollay

2001 Published Paper


A Grammar for Inquiry: Linking Goals and Methods in a Collaboratively Taught Social Sciences Inquiry Course

McMaster University—Carl Cuneo, Sue Inglis, Christopher Justice, Stefania Miller, James Rice, Sheila Sammon, and Wayne Warry2001 Published Paper

2001 ABA Published Paper


A Required Inter-professional Course for all Health Sciences Students at the University of Alberta

University of Alberta—Ross Bayne, Moira Bazin, David Cook, Cheryl Cox, Rosemarie Cunningham, Rene Day, Joan Loomis, Linda McCargar, Don Philippon, Jan Pimlott, Elizabeth Taylor, and Eli Whitney

2000 ABA Published Paper