The Selection Process

The Selection Committee normally numbers sevemn and includes representation from the STLHE Board of Directors, 3M National Teaching Fellows, and educational development specialists. In composing the Committee, we strive for fluency in French and English, a balance of gender, geography, experience in the process, and a variety of academic disciplines.

Copies of the nomination materials are circulated electronically to all members of the Selection Committee. Before the selection meeting, they evaluate each dossier against the published criteria. Typically, every file is read at least three times. When the Committee convenes in January, after privately reviewing the files, members work toward consensus until no more than ten nominees are unanimously agreed upon.

To be invited to join the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, nominees must demonstrate

  • Excellence in teaching over five recent years, principally (but not necessarily exclusively) at the undergraduate level; and
  • Commitment to leadership and improving university teaching, with emphasis on contributions beyond the nominee’s discipline, job description, or profession.