Inspirational Thank You Notes

Inspirational Thank You Notes

  • Dr. Phil Taylor

    Dr. Taylor’s classes were really challenging and forced critical thinking, quantitative analysis and independent learning. They also taught me extremely valuable skills working with flexible analysis tools. I was often frustrated with his classes while taking them, but in hindsight they were hands-down the most valuable classes I took during my undergrad degree. Dr. Taylor taught me that real education is hard (and therefore sometimes frustrating), but definitely worth it in the end.

    Joseph Mudge

    02 Apr, 2012 at 5pm

  • Dr. Mark Nagler

    I had the privelge of being a student and teaching assistant of Dr. Nagler’s from 1983-1986. At the time, I was an undergraduate at University of Waterloo studying sociology and I “stumbled” upon Dr. Nagler’s social develoopment courses at Renison College. To say that Dr.Nagler changed my life does not give him the credit he deserves. Prior to meeting Dr. Nagler, I had a vague notion of what I wanted to do in the future. After taking his Child Abuse, Sociology of Physical Disability and Mental Retardation Courses, I was hooked. Dr. Nagler inspired me to learn and achieve. My undergraduate thesis was supervised by Dr. Nagler and he continually pushed me to work harder, seek out more information which resulted in a thesis that I was astounded to have written. Dr. Nagler saw things in me that I had not yet discovered myself. Dr.Nagler took the time to talk with me about my future aspirations and told me in no uncertain terms that I should pursue a Masters Degree. The thought of graduate school was foreign to me as I was only the second person in my family to attend university. I remember recieving my first rejection letter from a MSW program and being devastated. At that point, I was working for Dr. Nagler as a summer student and TA and he provided the moral and emotional support that I desperately needed after feeling the sharp sting of rejection. Later that spring, I was accepted to the University of Toronto and completed my MSW in 1988. I have now worked in the field of children’s mental health for the past 24 years as both a front line child and family therapist and more recently as a supervisor. Just last month I shared with my team the inspiratin that Dr. Nagler provided to me as a way to highlight the impact that they could and do have on the children and families they work with. I have thought fondly of Dr. Nagler over the years since my graduation and am thankful to have this venue to share with him and others the impact that he had on me. Thank you Dr.Nagler!

    Michelle Vennard (nee Lippert)

    02 Apr, 2012 at 5pm

  • Dr. Timothy Rawlings

    When I first arrived at Cape Breton University, I was like most other first-year undergraduate students; overwhelmed without any clue as to what I wanted to do with my life. It wasn’t until my 3rd year that I really honed in on my passion – marine invertebrates. My first two years at CBU were filled with work, coaching, sports and school (typically in that order) and my marks reflected it.

    However, in my 3rd year I had the privilege of taking an invertebrate zoology course from Dr. Timothy Rawlings. Up until that point I was still unsure as to what it was I wanted to do with my life. The course went relatively well – my midterm mark could have been better, but that mark really sparked me. I still attribute that midterm to the turning point in my professional life. From that point forward, school and biology were suddenly #1 on my priority list. I finished the course strong, even correcting Dr. Rawlings on some of his quizzes and tests (hopefully to his excitement and not annoyance…).

    The next year I focused strong on my studies and had the opportunity to conduct some research with another professor in terrestrial plant ecology, however, my passion for the marine invertebrate realm hadn’t dissipated. I graduated with a BSc in biology in April of that year (2010), but knew I wasn’t finished. The combination of a passion for research and a love of marine invertebrates led me to conduct some research under the guidance of Tim that following summer and I loved every second of it. I worked herd that summer and enrolled for a 5th year that fall. Ultimately, I continued my summer research into the honours program at CBU. Although my GPA wasn’t in the top rankings, I am fully indebted to Tim for agreeing to supervise me in my honours project. I ended up producing a top-notch thesis and won the NSERC reps. award for top oral presentation at the APICS AUBC conference – the first time a student from CBU had ever won the award in its 35 year existence.

    Currently, I am enrolled in the MSc program at the University of New brunswick under the supervision of Dr. Heather Hunt assessing the impacts of surface sediment alkalinity on soft-shell clam populations in the Bay of Fundy with plans to continue into the PhD program upon completion. My success thus far in my academic career could not have been made possible without the support and guidance of Dr. Tim Rawlings. He’s been my inspiration for pursuing the career path I’ve chosen and has been the reason for my success. Thank you, Tim!

    Jeff Clements

    02 Apr, 2012 at 5pm