Council of 3M National Fellows for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

The Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows is a community of award-winning teachers who are lifetime members of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), and a constituency within the STLHE. The Council shares the aims of the STLHE, advises the 3M National Teaching Fellowships Program Coordinator, and undertakes projects that enhance teaching and learning in Canadian post-secondary institutions.


Join us in Cape Breton! 

This year we have a great program of special events for the 3M Fellows attending the STLHE 2013 Conference in Cape Breton. A little history at Louisbourg, some great eats with a traditional Maritime Lobster Dinner for our reunion get together, and four “Welcome to my Classroom” sessions by 3M Fellows.

AGM materials (will be available shortly):

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activities for 3M Fellows

The Good Hearted Ones

Louise Halfe – 25th Anniversary Keynote
(Sponsored by the University of Sashatchewan)

“…The true teachers are the blessed dawn-filled persons who have chewed and eaten, the ones who give away their knowing. They are the story-tellers.  They teach and model and work through the oral tradition…”

We are please to be able to provide the complete text from Louise Halfe’s Keynote Address at the 25th Anniversary Celebration. Use this link to the speech or drop by the 25th Anniversary Web Pages

Contribution Drive

Both STLHE and the 3M Council have embarked on a membership drive to raise much needed funds for their various initiatives. This is an excellent opportunity to give a tangible vote of confidence to the work of the 3M Council and STLHE.

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Worth Noting

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Joan Conrod Shelagh Crooks Darren Dahl Simmon Ellis Kim Misfeldt Mark Goldszmidt June Anne Larkin Colin Larocque Jordon LeBel Heather Zwicker

2013 3M National Teaching Fellows

Welcome to the 2013 cohort of 3M Fellows. Everyone in the Fellowship is looking forward to meeting you in Cape Breton. To find out about each of the new fellows use the link over each of their pictures.

May/Mai 2013 Communiqué

The English and French versions of the communiqué is now available.

In Memoriam

Vajockzi_In memSusan (Sue) Vajoczki (2012 Fellow)


Don Woods (1986 Fellow)