The Criteria and Beyond

The guidelines were modified significantly in March 2013 and again in 2016 and will apply hereafter.


The criteria for the Fellowship are simple. Nominees are expected to demonstrate excellence in two equally weighted categories:

  • Educational leadership;
  • Undergraduate teaching.

However, almost every nominee meets those criteria. In a field where there are more qualified nominations than there are spaces in the fellowship, the selection committee tends to look for those that are extraordinary among the extraordinary: those that tell a story, that demonstrate impact on students and institutions, that “jump off the page.” What impresses is depth and harmony in the dossier, not simply a long list of activities.

Selection Committee members are excluded from reviewing and commenting on nominees from their own institutions or with whom they have had close professional or personal relationships. The Fellowship has no governing quotas based on gender, discipline, region, language, or number of submissions per institution. Committee members do not vote for winners; instead, they work toward consensus. They agree on which ten people to invite into the Fellowship, fully confident these ten are outstanding teachers and leaders, making a difference to students and learning, complementing and contributing to the Fellowship.