3MNTF Program Coordinator

Overview—The 3M National Teaching Fellowship (3MNTF) Program Coordinator is a STLHE member appointed to this position for a period of three (3) years plus an additional year to mentor the incoming coordinator. This individual promotes the ethos of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship and brings strong facilitative skills, administrative and budget experience, and is willing to commit the time and devotion necessary to achieve the goals of the 3MNTF.

Throughout the year the 3MNTF Coordinator oversees and manages aspects of the 3MNTF. To achieve these goals, the Coordinator is Chair of the 3MNTF Award Sub-Committee1 and with the subcommittee is responsible for the call for nominations, coordination of the selection process, coordinating with local STLHE Conference Committee events associated with the award, and oversees the Retreat in November.

  • Is a Member of and attends meetings of the STLHE Awards Committee and (ex officio) the Executive of the 3M Council of National Teaching Fellows which provides advice and guidance from the Council on all aspects of the 3MNTF;
  • Reports to and prepares an annual report for the Awards Chair of the STLHE Board of Directors and works closely with the Awards and Partnerships Chairs to build and maintain a strong relationship with Program’s sponsors—3M Canada and Maclean’s;
  • Work closely throughout the year with the STLHE Administrator on all aspects of the 3MNTF Program including budget forecasting and preparation of the contract with the retreat hotel, the retreat banquet and a meeting with Chair of the 3M Council Executive, president of STLHE and sponsors at the retreat;
  • Is a spokesperson for promoting the 3MNTF and the mission and values of STLHE and the Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows.
Selection of New Fellows
  • Is Chair of the 3MNTF Awards Sub-committee and nominates, for the STLHE Board of Directors approval, and three 3M Fellows to the Sub-committee; overseas the distribution to the Sub-Committee of nomination files, guidelines and tools to assist with the selection, and plans the agenda for the selection meeting;
  • In conjunction with the Awards Sub-committee prepares feedback for unsuccessful nominees, writes citations, notifies and regularly corresponds with successful nominees, and makes any suggestions for revisions to the the call for nominations for the following year.
  • With the assistance of the STLHE Administrator, prepares and distributes materials for the Call for Nomination of 3M National Teaching Fellows including: advertisements and web-related information and insures appropriate media coverage for the new cohort of 3M Fellows by preparing press releases and related materials including conference banquet brochure.
STLHE National Conference and 3M Retreat
  • Attends the STLHE Annual Conference and works closely with the local program committee and STLHE Awards Chair on program related events including the “The Journey Begins Meet and Greet” session and selecting a spokesperson for the new cohort to address the awards banquet.
  • Attends and plans the 3MNTF retreat and in consultation with the 3M Council Executive identifies suitable facilitators for the retreat.

1The Awards Sub-committee consists of: The 3M Program Coordinator, 3M Council Chair, EDC Chair, three 3M National Teaching Fellows, a representative from the College sector and the STLHE Administrator.