The Selection Committee requires the submission of one (1) application document using the following format guidelines:

  • 8½ x 11 inch letter-sized paper
  • 1 inch margins on all sides
  • 12-point font
  • Numbered pages
  • Submitted in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format).
  • 25-page maximum

Applications must include the following sections:

1.The names, affiliations, and academic status of all members of the collaborating team, full contact details for one team member (the award contact), and a high resolution (minimum 300 dpi) colour picture of the collaborating team, with names of each of the members listed.
2.An abstract of the project suitable for publicity purposes (maximum 500 words).
3.A project description paper, suitable for printing and distribution, describing and documenting the project (maximum 5,000 words [about 25 pages], inclusive of a bibliography) and organized under the following headings:
Institutional Context: the need for the project; the constraints or particular advantages of the context; uses of resources; funding; time involved.
Goals of the Project: the intended learning outcomes; challenges met; obstacles overcome.
Description of the Team:  A description of the nature of the team and what makes the collaboration valuable.
Project Description: a clear description of what was done and what students were asked to do; the experiences of students; in the case of a course, the number, level and kind of students involved.
Impact on Student Learning: evidence that students learned what was intended; evidence of how collaboration contributed to student learning; and evidence of the lasting effects on students. Provided evidence might include pre- and post-tests, students ratings, surveys, focus groups, narrative accounts, visual representations, or letters from colleagues and students.
Future Developments: new directions; adoption by other groups; ways the innovation might be diffused to other programs and faculties.
Bibliography: since the award is designed to encourage the scholarship of teaching and learning, the paper should show how the project (design, implementation, practices, and assessment) was informed by the scholarship of others.
4.Up to a maximum of ten (10) pages (of the total 25 pages) of supporting documentation in PDF may be included. Such documentation can take the form of letters from students and colleagues outside the collaborative team:
• offering an assessment of the importance and the impact of the project,
• documenting the collaboration,
• commenting on the extent to which the project meets the published criteria.

Please note that the Selection Committee finds tangible evidence that documents practices more helpful than general statements of opinion or praise without detailed specifics. Applicants are cautioned that members of the Selection Committee will not read any supporting documentation exceeding the ten-page limit or any materials photo-reduced to stay within the page limit. URLs to additional information should not be included. The case for award consideration should be made within the 25-page limit.

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