Guidelines for Ethical Conduct

Action Group

Overview:  This action group has the goal of developing ethical guidelines to situate and inform our professional practice and conduct.  Commitment to ethical practice has been identified as a shared and defining value for the ED community and has prompted an interest in articulating the commitment more fully.  The group builds on the work of the EDC Ethical Principles for ED Practice Action Group.

Team Members:  Pierre Boulos (Lead), Jeanette McDonald, and Jill McSweeney.

Timeline:  Established 2014, Ongoing.

  • Pierre Boulos has become the new lead for this Action Group,
  • Mary Wilson and Maureen Wideman will be stepping down and we are grateful for the opportunity to engage with this important action group. 
  • The group invites members of the ED community to join the action group.
  • Meeting June 5, 2015.