Centres Database

There are three main resources related to Canadian Teaching & Learning Centres or Educational Development Centres:

  1. Centres Database (below)
  2. Teaching & Learning Centre Leadership
  3. Teaching & Learning Centres Contact list 

Important Information about the Canadian ED Centres Database

We are very pleased to provide the EDC Centres Database (revised Sept. 2013) of centre demographics and practices. This work was made possible by two grants (2008 and 2009) from the Educational Developers Caucus. We are very grateful for this support! Our warmest thanks also to all centre Directors and staff who gave so willingly of their time to contribute to this work.

The questions for data collection were compiled by the initial research team members* who conducted a literature search of both Canadian and international work on ED centres, resulting in the 39 questions used for our data collection. Our RA (Jolyn Lee) compiled as much information as possible from centre websites and this initial compilation was returned to centre directors for confirmation and additions. These are highlighted in green. We have also included information gleaned from these web searches that we have been unable to confirm with the centres (centres highlighted in yellow) and we invite you to update it. If your centre is not listed and you would like to participate, please email your data to Nicola.Simmons@brocku.ca.

Of course the data represents a moment-in-time collection, and as such is already out of date. I will be pleased to offer to update it – please send your edits to Nicola.Simmons@brocku.ca.

*Original research team members: Chris Groeneboer, Simon Fraser; Erika Kustra, University of Windsor; Martha Crealock, previously University of Saskatchewan; Michael K. Potter, University of Windsor; Ruth Rodgers, previously Durham College/UOIT; Anne Scrimger, Mount Royal University; Nicola Simmons,  previously University of Waterloo; Janet Z-K Wolstenholme, University of Guelph.

Team members who joined subsequently: Alice Cassidy, University of British Columbia; Jolyn Lee, University of Waterloo; Alice Macpherson, Kwantlen Polytechnic University; Margaret Wilson, Norquest College.


Please see also the paper of what kinds of information are available on ED websites:

  • Simmons, N. (2010). Canadian educational development centre: More ebb than flow? Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching, 3, article 12.


We have also presented versions of this work at conferences:

  • Simmons, N., Cassidy, A., Kustra, E., Macpherson, A., Potter, M., Rodgers, R., Scrimger, A., Wilson, M., & Wolstenholme, J. (2010). ED website A, B, C, D: A bridge for cross-cultural dialogue? Presented at the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) conference, Kamloops, BC, February.
  • Simmons, N., Cassidy, A., Kustra, E., McPherson, A., Potter, M., Rodgers, R., Scrimger, A. (2009). The Ebb and Flow of Canadian Educational Development Practices. Presented at the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) conference, Fredericton, June.
  • Simmons, N., Kustra, E., Potter, M., Rodgers, R., Scrimger, A., & Wolstenholme, J. (2009). An evolving landscape: demographics and practices of Canadian educational development (ED) centres. Presented at the Educational Developers Caucus (EDC) conference, Oshawa, February.