Community Resources

The EDC Executive will be working on a new website for its members which will enable us to find content easier and for members to contribute to the site directly. Meanwhile, this area and subpages will house EDC community-created resources.

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  • Contact (Vice-Chair, Communications) to add more resources to existing pages or create new resource pages. 


General Interest

EDC Resource Review: A wealth of reviews by EDC members 

Rich resources from previous EDC Institutes including educational developer competencies

The Educational Developers Cookbook – recipes for success in educational development activities


Course Design & Program Review

Orr, Doug (2014). A course design paradigm for 21st century teaching and learning: Disrupting post-secondary instructional planning (file to be uploaded). Presented at the Educational Developers Caucus, Calgary, AB.

Joudrey, Susan & Malloy, Michelle (2014). Bridging faculty and institutional priorities through holistic program review. Presented at the Educational Developers Caucus, Calgary, AB.


Trends & Government

Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario’s (HEQCO) multiple research reports.