Action Groups


Members of the EDC often collaborate as part of Action Groups and Communities of Practice to help enhance our EDC practices and community; and to advance the EDC Living Plan.

This page links to present initiatives and resources, identifies past initiatives and recognizes the exemplary contributions made by members of our community. 

For further information, or to submit a proposal for new EDC Action Group, or for a proposal for a new Community of Practice, please contact Mandy Frake-Mistak <> (Secretary).

Current Action Groups


Current Communities of Practice

Retired or Completed Action Groups

Rewards & Recognition — Completed

Living Plan Revision – Complete

Overview:  This action group is looking at revising and updating the EDC Living Plan.
Team Members:  Natasha Kenny (Lead), Paola Borin, Erika Kustra, Jill McSweeney.
Timeline: 2015 – 2016.
Activities: Action group surveyed membership and closed; activities related to Living Plan passed to Executive

Education for Sustainability
– Closed

Overview: An action group formed to share ideas, information and opportunities related to education for sustainability and its support at the educational developer, instructor, curriculum, institutional and national levels.
Team Members:  Alice Cassidy (lead), Alice Macpherson, Vivian Neal, Sandra Neill, Gavan Watson and Renée Gendron.
Timelines: 2013-2016.
Activities: See link above. 


Educational Developers Portfolio – Complete

Overview: An action group formed to discuss, research and create a new guide that provides an overview and supports the development of ED portfolios
Team Members: Jeanette McDonald (Lead), Paola Borin, Debra Dawson, Erika Kustra, Natasha Kenny, Isabeau Iqbal, and Judy Chan
Timelines: Established 2012, Completed in 2016 after producing and publishing the first EDC Guide. 
Associated Documents/Resources: Educational Developer’s Portfolio Guide 

  • Continued and built upon the work of the previous portfolio action group
  • Supported the development of the EDC Guide Series in partnership with the VC: Professional Development
  • Engaged the ED community in the development of and review of the Guide
  • Employed a scholarly approach to inform the development of the ED Portfolio Guide (i.e., world cafés, poster sessions and roundtables at Canadian and international conferences and events; peer review)
  • Promoted the idea of an ED portfolio and the Guide (once completed) through the research process, conference presentations, professional development webinars, and workshops (distributed leadership across the group)
  • Lived the EDC Values as an Action Group
  • Actualized components of the Living Plan
  • Co-authored the ED Portfolio Guide and successfully submitted an article to IJAD (to be published January 2017)
  • Accreditation for Centres’ Courses or Programs – Complete


Accreditation for Centres’ Courses or Programs – Complete

Overview: At the invitation of the Executive of the Educational Developers’ Caucus (EDC) a Working Group was formed from volunteers to examine the issue of accreditation of educational development professional programs. We use program here to refer to any workshops, series of workshops, courses, modules, or other professional development activities that are formal in some way, designed for such a purpose in a context, and repeatable. The group was asked to explore the feasibility of such accreditation, to find out what forms of accreditation are currently available internationally, to identify the current situation in Canada, the advantages and disadvantages of program or course accreditation, what a Canadian accreditation process might look like, and whether the EDC would be an appropriate body to institute such a system.
Team members: Celia Popovic (lead), Trevor Holmes, Erin Aspenlieder, Allison Jeppesen, Suzanne Sheffield, Stephanie Dimech (Building from original work by Paola Borin and Ruth Rogers).
Timelines: Established early in 2014. Completed June 2015.
Associated Documents: Please see the Final discussion paper produced by this group:   This completes the mandate of the Action Group, but have included suggestions for future action and many if not all of us would be interested in being involved in any future action. 

EDC Ethical Principles for ED Practice – Complete

Overview: An action group created by the EDC Executive
Team Members: Nicola Simmons (lead), Eileen Herteis, Bill Owen, Ruth Rodgers, and Mary Wilson
Timelines: 2011-2013, led Educational Developers Institute
Associated Documents/Resources: Ethical principles (see 2012 ED Institute Resources and ED 2013 on website)

Social Media Action Group – Retired

Overview: An action group formed to help establish a clear vision for how we can leverage social media to enhance and build on our exemplary EDC community.
Team Members: Gavan Watson, Erin Allard, Judy Chan, Jaymie Koroluk, Jordanne Christie
Timelines: Established at 2013 EDC Conference.
Update:  This group is now retired. A call for members to form a new group related specifically to the EDC website and related social media will take place in the fall. .

Mentorship – Retired

Overview: An action group formed to develop mentor and mentee relationships and related resources and to plan mentoring activities

Team Members and Steering Committee:  Isabeau Iqbal, Teresa Dawson, Ros Woodhouse, Deb Dawson, Ruth Rodgers, Heather Smith and Eric Kristensen and 26 members as mentor, mentee or mutual mentoring

Timelines: Established 2013.

Associated Documents/Resources: