• Established 3-day intensive Educational Developers Institute
  • Updated EDC Conference Handbook
  • Expanded EDC Action Groups
  • Increased engagement on social media
  • Streamlined EDC budget process
  • Expanded EDC grants and bursaries


  • Finalized the EDC Values statement and graphic
  • Developed 8 key themes from the Living Plan
  • Collaborated with STLHE to create a new website
  • Aligned the AGM with the annual EDC Conference
  • Established new social media connections (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Revised the EDC By-laws
  • Created guiding principles for professional development initiatives
  • Planned for expanding EDC Institute to a multi-day format


  • Developed and introduced EDC Logo and guidelines for use
  • EDC Conference scheduling changed to weekdays only
  • EDC Conference Handbook developed to help support EDC Conference hosts
  • New Executive position Vice-Chair (Conferences) created


  • EDC By-laws approved
  • First EDC Winter Meeting
  • EDC website launched


  • STLHE constitutional amendement creates Educational Developers Caucus
  • First EDC Executive elected
  • EDO Profiler launched


  • Working group struck
  • Working group recommendations adopted
  • Educational Developers become SIG of STLHE
  • Task force struck