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Spring 2017: Online and at St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Introductory Educational Developer Portfolio Workshop – Handout Package
Introductory Educational Developer Portfolio Workshop – Slides (1)

Fall 2016: Sheridan, Humber, and University of Toronto

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EDC 2016 Schedule
Tools and Practices: Assessing Effectiveness of Course – and Discipline – specific writing development projects
Deconstructing Difference: Discussions on Discourse, Equity and Inclusion
The Changing Face of Higher Education: Implications for our Work with Faculty and their Classrooms
Inclusively Designing Education
Opportunities and Challenges in Supporting Multilingual Learners
At a crucial cross-roads of 21st century pedagogy: potential for Universal Design for Learning
PRAISE Point Activity Example


Spring 2015: York University, Toronto, ON


Fall 2013:Facilitation Skills
at the University of British Columbia, BC 

with Alice Cassidy & Ruth Rodgers 

  • Slide excerpts Part 1 and Slide excerpts Part 2 used in Novice Stream (Notes: Uploaded with permission. The original file was split in order to upload to this site. These are a selection of the slides used in the Novice Stream, 1st annual EDC Institute, October, 2013. These are for the express use of Institute participants. If you would like to borrow or use any of the material within please ask Alice for permission first.)
  • References and notes organized by the agenda*Lunch3
  • Acronyms collected by participants in the Novice stream
  • Groups, lists & journals
  • Co-created by participants in the Novice stream
    • Ice-breakers
    • Definitions of educational development
    • Workshops, programs & resources
    • Educational developer scenarios
    • Jigsaw & debrief (autopsy)
    • Use of reflection cards
    • Creativity and its role & value in our work 
  • Final Report (Note: Alice & Ruth have kindly shared their templates with future Institute facilitators.)


Spring 2013: Perspectives, Values, and Ethics for Educational Development
at Wilfrid Laurier, Waterloo, Ontario 

with Nicola Simmons (Brock University) and Ruth Rodgers (Durham College)

This year’s EDC Institute focused on values and ethics in the profession. The goal of the sessions was to create ethical practice statements and case study scenarios that can be used to inform ED practice at various career stages and in a variety of contexts.

The Institute was built on the work of an EDC subcommittee on Educational Development Ethical Practice statements. Results generated by session participants are communicated to the EDC community for feedback and further development; the sub-committee will then submit to the EDC executive a final draft ethical practices document. Materials created during the sessions will be posted to the EDC website.

Each of the morning (newer developers up to five years) and afternoon (more seasoned developers over five years) sessions was comprised of four parts. While the outline is the same for each, we anticipated that each group will focus on issues that are relevant to their respective career stage and position.

1.       Educational Development Perspectives

Using Land’s (2001) work on Academic Development philosophies, we will build our Educational Development philosophies in Lego and discuss how these perspectives influence how we do our job, our values, and ethical considerations vis-à-vis that work.

2.       Values in the Profession

Keeping in mind the different perspectives from Land and the EDC value of Ethical Practice, which reads, “demonstrate integrity and transparency in all our interactions. We uphold the highest possible values in collegial scholarship, crediting others for their contributions, and undertaking all work according to accepted ethical practices and policies”, we will create guiding principles statements that frame our ethical practice at our institutions. The POD statement on ethical practices will serve as a guiding resource and we will consider its application in our Canadian context.

Novice Educational Developers Ethical Principles Wordcloud

Novice Educational Developers Ethical Principles Wordcloud


Post-It notes from Morning Session – Novice Developers

Cases – Novice Developers

Ethical Principles – Novice Developers

Entry-level Faculty Developer Competencies Matrix


Senior Educational Developers Institute Wordcloud

Senior Educational Developers Institute Wordcloud


Post-It Notes from Afternoon Session – Experienced/Senior Developers

Cases – Experienced/Senior Developers

Ethical Principles – Experienced/Senior Developers

Senior Faculty Developer Competencies Matrix

Director Level Competencies Matrix


Spring 2012 at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Session for Novice Educational Developers, led by Alice Cassidy: Slides
Competencies Matrices created by Ruth Rogers (see Spring 2013 above). 

Spring 2011: Inaugural Professional Development Institute

with Joy Mighty and Teresa Dawson

Inaugural PD Institute Slides (February 2011) (posted with permission)