Acronyms: Fall 2013

Collected from participants in the Novice Stream, 1st annual Educational Developers Caucus Institute, held at the University of British Columbia Oct 28-30, 2013

AODA Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities

ASC Academic Success Centre

CECRL Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

CLTRC College Learning and Teaching Resource Centre

DTAD Department of Teaching and Academic Development

FDPE Faculty Development and Performance Evaluation

FDW Facilitator Development Workshop

GTAs Graduate Teaching Assistants

IEM Implementation of e-Learning in Management

ISW Instructional Skills Workshop

LMS Learning Management System

LSAC Learning Specialists Association of Canada

MTP Master Teacher Program

NILES Network for Innovation and Leadership in Education

NSW Narrative Skills Workshop

PLA Prior Learning Assessment

PSW Presentations Skills Workhop

PTSW Pedagogical and Technical Skills Workshop

SPM Sustainable Program Mix

TCDC Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre

TEO Teacher Education Office

TP Teaching Portfolio

UDL Universal Design for Learning

URIT Undergraduate Research Implementation Team