Call for Proposals

Consider hosting an upcoming Educational Developers Institute!

Why host an EDC Institute?


The EDC Institute is an immersive, extended development opportunity for both newer and experienced developers. It is intended to facilitate an in-depth development of skills and to provide opportunities to develop and share knowledge and values. Centres and institutions who undertake the organization of the Institute can benefit from international exposure and opportunities to connect with other centres and colleagues from Canada and around the world. The Institute is also an opportunity to engage in and develop additional experience developing and delivering interdisciplinary, cross-institutional events.


  •      Immersive, extended, interactive experience
  •      Informed by the literature in educational development and related literature
  •      Inexpensive venue location, with minimal charges for room rentals and other if any
  •      Inexpensive accommodation, where possible, if the institute runs longer than one full day
  •      Draws on and creates reusable professional development materials including slides, templates, outlines, and other resources.


The institute typically serves both newer developers with up to 3-5 years of experience, as well as more experienced developers. These two groups have, in the past, engaged in independent sessions as well as intersected activities for networking and conversation.

Local needs as well as a needs assessment survey of the current cohort before the event can assist in the host to refine the institute for the participants in the current group.

Possible Topics

Possible topics or themes for the Institute should reflect the EDC Living Plan. Some possible areas of focus to consider are:

  • Evaluating the impact of our efforts
  • Running a program (e.g. new instructors, TA development, mid-career instructors, experiential learning initiative)
  • Advocating for teaching and learning quality
  • Developing and sustaining reflective practice
  • Working with and within academic units
  • Developing relationships and building alliances
  • Initiating, managing, and advocating for change
  • Developing skills in specific techniques or tools for educational development
  • International/inter-cultural education (cross-cultural competencies)

Who can run an EDC institute?

Any EDC member, or retired member with a history of involvement and experience in Educational Development can run an institute. Involving institutions or departments as well as colleagues nearby to assist in parts of the institute, participate in panel discussions, or facilitate part of the day can further strengthen the event.


We encourage proposals to select a time that balances the February EDC conference and the June STLHE conference, such as fall, spring (after classes finish), July or early August. Previous institutes have been held in April and in October. We have also seen some success with an Institute that ran immediately following the June STLHE conference.


This is not intended be commercial or revenue generating; this initiative is to be offered on a cost-recovery basis. The aim is to keep expenses low to encourage participation. Any revenue or losses will be divided equally between the host institution and the EDC. Any revenue would be rolled into the EDC institute budget for the following year.


The EDC provides some funding for bursaries that is intended to help make it possible for Educational Developers to attend the Institute. The fund is dependent upon the availability of EDC surplus funds, and may not be available or granted every year. The bursary can only be used towards the cost of Institute registration of any attendee receiving a bursary.

Registration and payment system of the STLHE may be available.

Drawing on & contributing to ongoing resources

Previous institute materials are available on the EDC website for hosts, as well as current educational developers including novices. Further contributions benefit the community. Please review material to ensure they are in alignment with copyright, and that any original materials properly credit the authors and that permissions are secured for any images or other copyrighted materials as required.

How to apply

Complete and submit the proposal form and send to Lisa Endersby, Coordinator, EDC Institute at