Annual Conference

Call for EDC 2019 Hosts 

The EDC executive is now accepting proposals from colleges and universities in Eastern or Western Canada to host its 2019 Annual Conference (February 2019).

We would be honoured if your institution would consider preparing a proposal to host this prestigious event.  The EDC Annual Conference attracts educational developers and partnering companies and institutions from across the country, and this year we had over 150 delegates attend the conference held in Guelph, Ontario.  This presents a great opportunity for the host institution to showcase its approach to educational development.  

The deadline to submit your proposal is October 30, 2017.   

Please send completed Call for Host 2019 and Draft Budget to Celia Popovic,

The University of Victoria is the host for 2018!

The Learning and Teaching Centre at the University of Victoria looks forward to hosting the Educational Developers Caucus Conference from Wednesday, February 14 to Friday, February 16, 2018.

The conference theme is Educational Developers Gaining an Edge (EDGE) prompting attendees to broadly consider the following questions:

  • What unexpected, creative, and bold practices are emerging?
  • What transformations and innovations are taking place at the edge of educational development?
  • What vital impact are you having at your institution? How and where can you gain more impact?
  • How is educational development creating extraordinary academic environments related to experiential learning, decolonization, and internationalization?

We look forward to seeing you in February 2018.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Phone: 250-721-8571
Fax: 250-721-6494
Conference email:


What is an EDC conference?

Each year, the Educational Developers Caucus sponsors an annual conference (formerly the annual winter meeting of instructional developers) for its members and individuals actively involved or interested in the field of educational development.

To facilitate equitable access, we aim to move the conference location across the country (east, then central, then west, then central, then east, etc.).

The two-day conference typically takes place during the winter months (often the third full week in February though other dates are open to consideration) with invited pre-conference workshops scheduled one day prior. Typically two or more pre-conference sessions are offered, of

which, one is sponsored by the EDC and one or more are sponsored by the host institution(s).

The conference program (pre-conference sessions, keynote(s), concurrent sessions) is organized around a central theme that is selected by the host institution(s) based upon recommendations from the EDC.

Goals of Conference

In keeping with the EDC Bylaw Aims (3.2), the Conference aims to:

  • facilitate networking and communication between future, new and seasoned educational developers;

  • profile developments (scholarly and otherwise) in the field;

  • afford professional development opportunities to experienced, new and potential educational developers; and

  • provide a forum to exchange ideas, issues and concerns emerging in the field.

Also see how you can connect and contribute to the educational development community within and beyond a conference context: EDC Volunteer Opportunities