In February 2009, at the EDC general meeting of members (Durham College), the new EDC  organizational logo was unveiled. To support and facilitate its use, the following user and application guidelines were developed and approved by Executive (May 2009).


Approved Logo Use

  • meeting minutes of the Executive and the EDC annual/general/special meetings
  • official forms, documents and reports prepared by Executive in relation to their individual roles  (e.g., EDC Grant program)
  • official documents and reports prepared by EDC sub/committees (logo to be added by the Secretary)
  • official letters and correspondence prepared by members of the Executive
  • “other” as deemed appropriate by the Executive


Approved Logo Users

  • members of the Executive in relation to their official EDC roles and responsibilities
  • EDC conference host and planning committee members with respect to print and online
  • promotional materials (e.g., conference website, emails, etc.)
  • teaching and learning centres as a web link to the EDC website
  • grant recipients for the purpose of acknowledging the EDC Grant Program (e.g., conference PPT slides)
  • “other” as approved


  • full colour logo and text on letterhead (black and white or gray scale if there is a cost issue); logo centred in the header; EDC web address centred in the footer
  • full colour logo and text as banner for EDC web pages
  • full colour logo on EDC thank you cards
  • logo with text (colour/gray scale/black & white as determined by Executive) on conference bags
  • full colour logo with text on lapel pins


The Secretary (Mandy Frake-Mistak, mfmistak@yorku.ca) and Vice-Chair Communications (Maureen Wideman, Maureen.Wideman@ufv.ca) are contacts for permissions and logo access.


EDC Logo Preview