About the EDC


The Caucus defines itself as a community of practice with a mission to work within the aims and structure of the STLHE to facilitate the advancement and evolution of educational development as a field of practice and scholarship by communications, networking, professional development opportunities and advocacy strategies.



  • To strengthen the position of STLHE as the professional/academic organization of choice for educational developers, and particularly for those practicing in Canada.

  • To pursue the aims of STLHE with particular attention to their application in educational development contexts.

  • To provide leadership in the professionalization of the educational development role.

  • To foster the advancement and evolution of educational development as a field of practice and scholarship.

  • To create a national forum where emerging and problematic educational development issues can be candidly discussed.

  • To create a collegial network within which information, strategies, and resources can be shared.

  • To facilitate communication among educational developers who are members of STLHE.

  • To provide professional development opportunities for experienced, new and potential educational developers.

  • To advocate, through STLHE, for educational development issues at a national level.



EDC is a permanent structure within the STLHE. EDC is represented on the STLHE Board of Directors by the Caucus Chair.

By agreement with the Board of Directors, EDC will share in any basic infrastructure of the STLHE created to support communication and programming (e.g., STLHE Administrator).



Formation of the EDC

From our past: IDO Final Report June 2002

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