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An online journal developed by the Ontario 3M National Teaching Fellows, and devoted to the recognition and development of excellence in teaching.

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Students Speak: Lives Transformed by Teachers –
Paroles d’étuiants: Des vies transformées par des enseignants

Collected by the Executive Council of 3M Fellows to Celebrate the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship Toronto, June 2010

Textes recueillis par le Comité exécutif du Conseil des récipiendaires du Prix 3M à l’occasion de la célébration du vingt-cinquième anniversaire du Prix 3M Toronto, juin 2010

We are deeply grateful to McMaster University for their generous support of Students Speak.

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Making a Difference—A Celebration of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship

The book has been described in The Teaching Professor as “(…) a marvellous affirmation of how teaching inspires, enriches and satisfies both teachers and students. If you need a shot in your teaching arm, this book will supply it.”
(Maryellen Weimer).

A project of the Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows, the book contains short essays informed by the rich and varied experience of 3M National Teaching

Fellows, as well as moving, and sometimes humorous, testimonials written by former students (teachers are not identified).

The book has already been used at “Reflecting on our Teaching,” a retreat facilitated by Mark Weisberg and Jean Koh Peters. Student voices from the book have been presented as staged readings on many occasions since the June 2005 launch.

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Silences in Teaching and Learning

The latest publication by the Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows explores many of the silences that inhabit teaching and learning—the deep silence shrouding what is not said, the stifling silence of those who do not have a say, those magical silences when the most meaningful learning can occur.

Silences in teaching and learning is a groundbreaking book that has stepped outside of traditional academic writing, research, expertise. The very nature of silence and its resistance to language; the fact that this is a nascent topic within the academy; the editorial request that the writers write in an unconventional form and style; this is a risk-taking book.

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