Proposed 3M Council Bylaw Feedback Form

Our original bylaws were created over five years ago when the STHE went through the revisions of its own governance. The bylaws we are proposing more accurately reflect how we function and stream line, by their formalization, a number of processes STLHE requires bylaws to help us shape our governance, manage membership transitions, and provide opportunities to reaffirm our direction.  Over the past year we have worked to draft the attached bylaws.  We would really appreciate your input on the bylaws by taking a few moments to fill in this online form.

Elizabeth Wells – Chair Elect
Jon Houseman – Secretary-Treasurer Elect

The following additional information is available if you need it

Instructions for 3M Bylaw Feedback Form

For each Section of the bylaws we would ask that you indicate your approval, approval with modification, or disapproval. We would appreciate your feed back and comments. Parts of the form with * are required before submitting the form.