STLHE Board Meeting – November 10, 2015

Executive Summary

Approved: December 17, 2015

The STLHE Board of Directors met on November 10, 2015. The Agenda included items pertaining to: information on upcoming and past Annual Conferences, discussion of new policies, in particular Policy 1 – Membership, Policy 2 – Standing Committees, and Policy 3 – Nominations Committee. Quorum was lost before the agenda could be completed and even though quorum was lost the Standing Committee Chair gave the report for Publications. (Note: Industry Canada by-laws that apply to the Society, allow a meeting to continue if quorum is lost but restrict business requiring a vote or consensus.) Discussions of Policy 6 – Affiliated Groups and Policy 8 – Travel were not discussed and have been moved to the December agenda of the Board.

The Board is waiting for the final report from STLHE 2015 in Vancouver and the modified submission from the STLHE 2017 conference team. Both are expected in time for discussions at the December meeting of the Board. Normally the call for 2018 hosts would have gone out by October/November but this has been delayed by updates to the Conference Manual pertaining to the budget requirements of a proposal for hosting the STLHE annual conference.

The Board has started reviewing and creating Policies that are used to implement the bylaws of the Society. The proposed policies have been created from material removed from the old bylaws and from the old Policies and Procedures Manual of the Society. For the most part the new policies are status quo documents but, where there are conflicts or updates required by the new bylaws approved in June, these have been included in the new policies. As the Board approves each policy it immediately comes into effect, until ratified by the Membership at the Annual General Meeting of the Society in London this June.

Although Policies 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8 had been circulated a month prior to the meeting, normally only a week is required, there were some Board members who had not had a chance to fully review the documents, or had submitted clarification questions just prior to the start of the meeting. As a result, Policy 1- Membership and Policy 2 – Standing Committees were tabled for further discussion and approval at the December meeting of the Board. Discussion of Policy 3 – Nominations Committee resulted in only minor modifications but, when the vote was called quorum could not be met. As a result, a vote for approval of Policy 3 would be done using an email ballot. Discussion of the other policies was tabled until the next Board meeting in December.

Although quorum had been lost the Chair of the Standing Committee for Publication summarized a report that had been circulated to Board members prior to the meeting. CELT has had a busy year with 23 submissions for the 9th volume. CJSoTL has grown and now includes, in addition to a special issue on SoTL in the Arts and the Humanities, a third issue to be published in December. The plan is to have three CJSoTL issues published every year. There is one Green Guide, Inter- and Multi-disciplinary Play Space Education, moving through the editorial process and will be published in conjunction with the Annual Conference in June. Dianne Batemann, Roger Moore and volunteers will be meeting shortly as an advisory Editorial Board for the Green Guides