STLHE Board Meeting – May 24, 2016

Executive Summary

Approved: June 23, 2016

The Board Meeting of May 24 was a continuation of the Agenda and Meeting of May 13, 2016. During the continued meeting items the Board discussed included: by-laws and continuance of STLHE by Industry Canada, Report from the Nominations Committee for Election of Directors, a report on the Awards Ceremony, and the Annual Conference.

The Board was advised that we had received our Certificate of Compliance with Industry Canada and once we submit our approved by-laws after the AGM compliance would be complete. Concerns raised at the May 13th Board meeting about the by-laws were discussed with the lawyers and they provided a revised copy that addressed these issues. In response to our concerns about grouping Affiliated groups under Committees a new Article has been added to the by-laws that addresses the Affiliated groups and their regulation. A minor modification was made to the description of the Special Interest Groups so they were not required to prepare a constitution or a set of by-laws – something the Constituencies have to do.

Policies are better described in this version of the by-laws. Policies are a tool of the Board and generally do not require approval by the membership – an exception to this will be Policy 1 – Membership that includes items requiring Special Resolution and changes to this Policy would require a membership vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. Because Policy 1 is currently the status quo there is no need to seek approval of the Policy at the upcoming AGM. The term for a Director was also discussed. This is currently set at four years and the Board agreed to revise this to three years. The only exception is the President-elect which is a one year term.

There was concern at the last meeting about the election of Directors which is by the membership and the Officers that are elected by the Directors. To allow the members to elect the Officers (President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer) the by-laws have been modified to link the two. As a result when nominations and voting occurs it will be for a Director and Officer – example: Director and Treasurer. Technically the President-elect can’t automatically shift into a new position and wording of the by-laws was adjusted to allow the Board to elect the President-elect as President at the end of the one year term.

The revised by-laws, incorporating these changes and those of the May 13th meeting of the Board, were approved and will be circulated to the members for discussion in an online forum and for a vote at the Annual General Meeting in London.

The Nominations committee reported that a single candidate had expressed an interest in the position of President-elect and the Board acclaimed the Denise Stockley (Queen’s University) subject to a ratification vote by the membership. There were no candidates for the position of Secretary at the close of nominations. There was a late expression of interest and the Board accepted the late nominee, Gavan Watson (Western University), who was acclaimed as Secretary subject to a ratification vote by the membership. There were two candidates for the Chair of the Standing Committee for Publications, Dianne Bateman (Champlain College) and Matthew Stranach (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) and a ballot will be provided to the members.

The Awards at this year’s conference will part of various events rather than as a single ceremony.