STLHE Board Meeting – March 18, 2016

Executive summary

Approved: April 8, 2016

The following items were included in the March 18, 2016 meeting of the STLHE Board: a minor adjustment to the STLHE 2016 Budget, revitalization of the STLHE website, appointment of a Chair for the Awards Standing Committee, Reports from the Chairs of the Standing Committees for Bilingualism and Publications, and updates on MOUs with Teikyo University and University Affairs.

Board passed a motion to adjust the 2016 STLHE budget to include the administrative costs associated with the 3M National Teaching Fellowship ($5,000) and Student Fellowship ($2,000). In the past this was transferred from the award to budget to the operating budget of the Society and this transfer was overlooked in the preparation of the 2016 Budget.

A working group representing the Society, 3M Council, EDC and SoTL Canada have prepared a document describing the required scope of the work to repair and revitalize the current websites and the inclusion of EDC and SoTL Canada in the domain. The Board accepted the document and asked the working group to modify it as a Request for Proposals to carry out the changes to our websites and the Society’s presence on the Internet.

The Board approved Valerie Lopes as a replacement for Chair of the Awards Standing Committee and she will complete the term of the outgoing Chair. The Chair of the Standing Committee for Bilingualism presented a report that included the following highlights: a three year plan to increase bilingualism through closer associations with AQPC and Colleges and Institutes Canada. In the first year a committee to examine STLHE publications, year 2 support for increased French/Bilingual sessions at STLHE 2017, and in year 3 a bilingualism award and a sponsor for the award. Highlights from the Report from the Chair of the Standing Committee for publications included: completion of the 9th volume of CELT in time for the London conference, a third issue of CJSoTL, and publication of new Green Guide submission requirements.

The Board approved a MOU with Teikyo University. Discussions with University Affairs have started on the renewal of our MOU and this is an opportunity to clarify and update which of awards will be advertised in the print and online editions of University Affairs; the Partnerships Chair will be discussing this with the sponsor.