STLHE Board Meeting – January 15, 2016

Executive Summary

Approved: February 19, 2016

The following items were on the Agenda of the Board Meeting on January 15, 2016: revisions to the conference manual, reports on STLHE 2015, 2016, and 2017 conferences and a call for a host for the 2018 Conference, the 2016 Budget, and the Nominations committee.

The conference manual has been updated with feedback and suggestion from the Vancouver Organizing Committee. Changes included a more structured budget without the 10% levee and inclusion of real costs to the Society for its administrative expenses. A penalty for not filing a final report 120 days after the conference was added and the use of our membership software, Wild Apricot, replaces CVENT for conference registration. The banquet ticket was separated from the conference registration fee and the Awards Ceremony was removed from the conference program to be replaced with a series of awards events. The role of the Vice-president as the main contact for conference organizers was also formalised in the manual. With the update done, we are ready to send out the call for a host for the 2018 conference.

The STLHE 2015 Conference reports was received and approved by the Board. The conference organizers and the Society share the $26,972 surplus. Simon Fraser and UBC have asked that there half of the surplus be used to fund student bursaries. The Board agreed to set up a restricted fund and add $5,000 the $10,000 already budgeted student bursary for the 2016 Conference. Minor changes that were requested of the 2017 STLHE proposal have been addressed and the Board accepted the proposal from the Halifax group. Esther Enns will be the STLHE 2017 conference organizer.

Bob Sproule, Treasurer, has completed a budget and outlined the process for approval using a discussion forum for gathering the Boards thoughts, comments, and questions. EDC will be holding its annual meeting in Windsor this February and will present its budget, a component of the larger STLHE Budget, for approval. The Board approved the EDC component of the Budget. Questions concerning the financing of the impact study on the 3M National Teaching Fellowship were also clarified at the meeting. The study was funded at $10,000/year for three years from 2012-2014. The Nominations Committee has been struck and they will start work on finding nominees for the three vacant positions on the Board: President-elect, Secretary, and the Chair of the Standing Committee for Publications.