STLHE Board Meeting – December 10, 2015

Executive Summary

Approved: January 15, 2106

At the December 10, 2015 meeting of the Board the following were on the agenda: Discussion of Policies 1 – Membership, 2 – Standing Committees and 8 – Travel; and a report from the Bilingualism Chair.

In Policy 1- Membership, the description of the various types of members was clarified and the Board agreed that members would declare their membership category as Regular, Student, and Retiree based on an honour system and we would not require any evidence for the choice. The Board approved Policy 1. Policy 2 was clarified regarding the role of the 3M Council for the administration of the 3M Awards and redundancies to the Partnerships Policy 7 were removed from Policy 2 which was approved by the Board with these changes. Policy 8 – Travel is a new Policy. Discussion included what expenses are covered by the Society if a Board member does not have institutional support to attend the biannual face-to-face meetings of the Board – this will include days where Board activities are scheduled and additional days depending on distance to the meeting. The Student Advocacy Chair is the only Board member whose conference registration fee is reimbursed by the Board. The Board approved Policy 8 – Travel. The treasurer reminded Board members that during budget preparation they must submit their anticipated travel expenses to the Treasurer indicating which will require support from the Society.

The Chair of the Bilingualism Standing Committee reported on work to form a partnership with AQPC (Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale) by developing some sort of reciprocal registration fee allowing members of either to attend the others conference at a member’s registration rate. STLHE will also be represented at CICan (College and Institutes Canada) in Québec City to raise the Society’s profile in the College Sector and Francophone Colleagues.