STLHE Board Meeting – April 8, 2016

Executive Summary

Approved: May 13, 2016

The Agenda of the Board meeting on April 8, 2016 included: a welcome to Janice Miller-Young and Valarie Lopes as new Director, information on the new awards agreement with 3M, reports from the Standing Committee Chairs for College and Student Advocacy, the location of the 3M National Teaching Fellows retreat, the term of office for Board members, and possible changes to the Chris Knapper Life-time Achievement award.

The Board approved a new agreement between 3M and STLHE for the 3M National Teaching Fellowship and 3M National Student Fellowships. By adding a year to the 3MNTF agreement the two have been combined as 3M National Fellowships in a new agreement that ends in 2018.

The Chair of the Standing Committee for College Advocacy provided a brief report of activities over the last six months that included: selection of the 2016 College Sector Award winners, work on the inclusion of the College Sector in the 3MNTF award and the new Council of 3M Fellows, and adjustment to the 3MNSF award for better inclusion of the college students. Highlights of the past six months of the Chair of the Standing Committee for Student Advocacy included: strengthening the network of different student groups within the Society, minor changes to the TAGSA award, and work on the nomination requirements for better inclusion of college students.

The 3MNTF Coordinator has proposed that the 3M retreat for National Teaching Fellows return to Montebello, its traditional site, after having been held in Banff. A detailed comparison between the two was presented and the Board agreed with the coordinators choice of Montebello for the retreat.

The Chair of the Council of 3M National Teaching Fellows informed the Board that the Council was in the process of consulting its members to change its constituency to include 3M National Teaching Fellows (which will include college sector instructors in 2017), Student Fellows and past College Sector award winners. The Board endorsed the Council’s initiative.

As we prepare for elections of new Directors a question was raised about the appropriateness of a four year term for Board members. A proposal was made for the Board will discuss a two year term that could be renewed once and if acceptable it will be incorporated into the revision of the by-laws and policies that is underway.

The Advisory committee for the Christopher Knapper Life-time Achievement Award has suggested that the award change from a biannual award to one presented every year. There needs to be further discussion by the Board and MAGNA the sponsor of the award.