STLHE Board Meeting – September 17, 2015

Executive Summary

Approved: October 15, 2015

The STLHE Board met on September 15, 2015 and the following were on the agenda for the meeting: Setting the date for the February face-to-face Board meeting, an update of the 2015 Budget and financial statement, Update on the 3M National Teaching Fellowship, a scheduled report for the Chair of the standing Committee for Awards, and an update on 30th anniversary celebrations for the 3MNTF.

Each year the board meets in day-long face-to-face meeting: one just prior to the Annual Conference and a second either before or just after the EDC Annual Conference in February. This year the EDC conference will be in Windosor and the Board will meet on February 19th with travel days on the 18th and 20th.

A brief update was provided on the Budget for 2015 which has been delayed as we transfer accounting and records from Mount Allison to the offices in Ottawa. This has moved a little slower than originally planned and a budget and financial statement for the first eight months of 2015 will be available to the Board for the October meeting.

After a year of work and discussion we have been informed by Liisa Sheldrick that 3M has advised STLHE to move forward with the inclusion of the College Sector in the 3M National Teaching Fellowship nominations. This would occur with the 2017 call and formally announced at the Annual Conference in London this June. Discussions have begun on the renewal of the 3MNSF award.

The Chair of the Standing Committee for Awards presented a report summarizing the awards announced during the ceremony in Vancouver, the funding status of each award, and the list of awards coordinators. Evaluations of the awards ceremony were positive although there are some concerns about having the awards ceremony in 2016 at a banquet that will not be included as part of conference registration. There will be further discussions on the ceremony and how it will fit into the conference schedule in 2016.

Chair of the 3M Executive Council provided an update on the working group coordinating of events for the 30th anniversary of the 3MNTF which will be held in London.