STLHE Board Meeting – September 11, 2014.

Executive Summary

Approved: October 9, 2014.

The STLHE Board met on the afternoon of September 11, 2014 and the following items were on the agenda: proposals to host STLHE 2016, approval of the STLHE conference manual, updates on changes to the administrative unit, and updates on a variety of memoranda of understanding.

The STLHE Board received three proposals for hosting STLHE 2016 including Carleton University/Algonquin College, Wilfred Laurier University and the successful proposal from Western University/Fanshawe College in London Ontario. All three proposals were excellent and capable of hosting the Conference. The proposals had varying strengths making it a difficult for the Board to choose the home for the 35th anniversary conference. Denise Stockley and the Kingston STLHE Conference team have updated the old 2002 STLHE conference manual, and the Board approved the 2014 version. Conference organizers now have a new and updated tool for preparing their proposals and managing the conference itself. The new manual includes adjudication strategies for proposals and the conference.

The reorganization of the administrative unit for the Society is still ongoing. New email addresses for the executive committee members were circulated in an email blast to the members. Elaine Simpson (Mount Allison) has joined Muriel McKay (McMaster) as part of the team and Elaine will be taking care of the financial matters of the Society including an Audit by Canada Revenue Agency concerning submission of HST by the Society. Gerald Wandio (U.P.E.I) has also joined us and will be assisting Shannon Murray, the 3M Nation Teaching Fellows Award Coordinator.

The Board is finalizing memoranda of understanding with University of Alberta and University of Windsor for CELT, is working on the renewal of the ISSoTL agreement, and approved Elizabeth Marquis as senior editor of CJSoTL.