STLHE Board Meeting – October 9, 2014.

Executive Summary

Approved: November 13, 2014

The STLHE Board met on the afternoon of October 09, 2014 and the following items were on the agenda: The 2014 STLHE Conference Report, renewal of the 3M National Teaching Fellows (3MNTF) agreement, matters related to the Publications and Partnership standing Committees, a financial update, additional information on a variety of memoranda of understanding, and STLHE 2017.

The Kingston organizing committee submitted, and the Board approved, the STLHE 2014 final report. This report follows a new format that is briefer and highlights outcomes of the conference rather than summarizing the entire conference. Net revenues were healthy for both the Society and the Kingston team as a result of very successful fundraising and careful economizing. The report demonstrates how the traditional university based, rather than hotel/conference center focussed, format is still viable for our annual conference. An evaluation section for the sessions and conference provides valuable feedback not only on the recent conference but provides guidance for those in the future.

The agreement with 3M Canada for the 3M National Teaching Fellows award ends this year. The board and partnerships chair have started discussions with Carla McFarlane, Community and Community Relations Manager 3M Canada. At a special meeting of the Executive Committee Carla explained how the Society fits into the new 3Mgives and we were pleased to learn that, after a yearlong review of their corporate strategy, we are one of only five partners in 3M’s national strategy supporting innovative giving in education, community and the environment. Meetings are scheduled through October.

A number of matters at the Board meeting involved Standing Committees. The Board appointed Diane Bateman as Interim Chair of Publications Committee. In addition to the 3MNTF renewal the Partnerships Standing Committee provided an update on the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) for ISoTL (finalized, requiring signature), CELT University of Alberta (dependent on Windsor MOU) and University Windsor (continued negotiations with Windsor on publication of CELT), CJSoTL (new agreement will be modelled after finalized CELT agreement). The agreement with MAGNA to sponsor the Christopher Knapper Awards and our sponsorship of their online seminars ends this year. Discussions with MAGNA have started and as a part of these negotiation the Society has promoted the online seminars which provide revenue to the society when members subscribe. The agreement with Pearson to sponsor the Allan blizzard award is renewed annually and discussions with Pearson will begin in the next few months. The Desire2Learn agreement expires in 2017. The Partnerships committee has also been working with the Special Interest groups to update their web presence on the STLHE site.

The Treasurer provided a progress report on the transfer of the financials from the McMaster unit to Elaine at Mount Allison and some of the challenges that this has entailed. The bookkeeping for the three months following the conference is some of the busiest of the year and this has been wrapped up and once data for the first two quarters of 2014 have been reconciled the Treasurer will be able to provide a financial report for the first three quarters of 2014. There are no foreseeable issues concerning revenue and expenditures and these are projected to be similar to those of 2013, with a minor saving in administrative costs. The audit by Canada Revenue Agency is moving forward and we expect to have completed all the requirements within the next few weeks.

Finally, the Board approved a call for proposals from Eastern Canadian post-secondary institutions to host STLHE 2017. The submission deadline is May 1, 2014.