STLHE Board Meeting – November 13, 2014.

Executive Summary

The STLHE Board met on the afternoon of November 13, 2014 and the following items were on the agenda: The request for proposals for STLHE administration, matters related to the Publications and Partnership Standing Committees and agreements, a brainstorm discussion on the STLHE Newsletter, discussion of the appropriateness of the conference levy, reports from the Awards and Student Advocacy Standing Committees, and an report on the Learning Exchange held by Teaching and Learning Canada.

The STLHE Board approved a request for proposals for STLHE administration. The RFP includes all aspects associated with the STLHE administration and will be circulated to all members, CSSE, and through the association of non-profit Administrators. The deadline for proposals is in January with the hope that we will have the new administrative unit in place before the Annual Conference in June 2015.

Discussions of partnerships memoranda of understanding for CELT and University of Windsor for its publication, CJSoTL, and MAGNA required additional work and were tabled until the next meeting of the Board.

Under the leadership of Roger and Denise the Newsletter has evolved into a magazine that reflects the Society’s values and its activities and has become one of the most tangible benefits of membership in the Society. The reduction of its publication to only twice a year, and with the suggestion of once a year, means the newsletter is no longer a timely way of informing the membership on STLHE activities; the website and email blasts have become a vital way of doing this and the email blasts should continue to fulfil this role. If the newsletter shifts to the Fall it would be then a companion to the Society’s annual report that is published just prior to the annual conference. Both the he newsletter and the annual report would be published on line but in a format that allowed print-on-demand so that the Society would have paper copies for promotional activities like soliciting institutional memberships. The Publications Standing Committee will also consider a survey of the members on the newsletter and a communications strategy to members.