STLHE Board Meeting – May 10, 2015

Executive Summary

The STLHE Board meet May 10th 2015 and the agenda included: Approval of the MoU with CSSE for the STLHE administrative unit, communicating Society news to its members, preparations for the Annual General Meeting including: discussion and approval of the new by-laws, secure voting procedures, 2016 membership fees, and election of Board members for the positions of Treasurer, Bilingualism and Partnerships. In addition to these items that Board made special recognition of Ken Meadows and his team for the publication of Issue 1 of Volume 6 of CJSotL and Maureen Connolly and her team on completion of the nomination process, adjudication, and the announcement of the 3M National Student Fellows.

The Statement of Work that the Board approved at its last meeting has been incorporated into a Memorandum of Understanding. The same MoU is being discussed by CSSE who have presented it to their CSSE Board of Directors for discussion and approval. After a brief discussion the MOU received unanimous approval and we await to hear from CSSE. To facilitate the transition of administrative services the board extended contracts for the current unit.

Members of the Board were reminded that although it is convenient to post notices and information to the STLHE Listserv the subscribers to it do not include all STLHE members; it also includes non-members. STLHE matters should be emailed to members using the Wild Apricot email system to insure that we can track receipt of the emails and be sure that all members receive notices about the activities of the Society.

In the next month the Board has to finalize a number of issues to provide appropriate notification to the members of the Annual General Meeting and its agenda. One of the biggest items on the agenda are the new by-laws that were approved by the Board last September. New regulations for non-profits require that these be approved at the AGM but there is not time for a full discussion at the meeting that involves all members of the Society – not just those attending the AGM. The Board will initiate and online discussion forum for members to comment on the by-laws and to seek their approval. The vote at the AGM will be to ratify the results from the on line discussion. There have been issues in the past where the anonymity of those casting ballots has not been secured and the Board will be examining alternatives for securing an anonymous and secure ballot mechanism before any online voting takes place. The following Chairs of Standing Committees are vacant or missing a co-chair: Partnerships, Bilingualism, and Treasurer. The nominations committee will be asked to make a call for nominations and expressions of interest for the Treasurer’s position. Discussions by the board have centered on the narrow focus of the Bilingualism Chair and how it could be expanded to increase the sense of inclusion in the Society beyond a linguistic base. With this in mind the Nomination Committee will ask for nominations and expressions of interest for Chair of the Bilingualism with the caveat that the position may undergo some changes. There needs to be much broader discussion on the immense workload of the partnerships chair before we can call for nominations.