STLHE Board Meeting – March 13, 2015

Executive Summary

Approved: April 10, 2015

The STLHE Board of Directors met on March 13th and their agenda included: the resignation of the Chair of College Sector, the scheduled reports from the Awards and Partnerships chairs, and the proposal from CSSE in response to our RFP for the creation of an administrative unit for the Society.

At the Board face-to-face meetings in February we discussed the relationship between the College Sector Special Interest Group and the separate position of a Chair for College Sector advocacy on the Board. While there is merit in promoting the SIG to a constituency of the Board as the Chair of College advocacy doing so requires more discussion on the criteria for the elevation of a SIG to a constituency. To overcome the separation of the college membership the Board proposed that the SIG Chair co-chair the Board position. In discussions that followed Taralee agreed with the proposal but as a result of new workload she wasn’t able to continue as either Chair or Co-Chair but would assist the Chair of the SIG in the position of Chair of College Advocacy. The Board appointed Tim Loblaw as Chair of College advocacy.

The Awards chair informed the Board that the 3M national Teaching Fellows have been announced and the adjudication of the 3MNSF nominations is complete and the new Student Fellows are currently being notified. The number of Brightspace Innovation awards tripled this year, and they have started their adjudication process. The scheduling of the awards ceremony is still being discussed with Vancouver Organizing Committee and they have proposed moving the session to the banquet and cutting the session to 45 minutes by removing the remarks by the winning cohorts – the board feels that this would be regrettable and advised against it. The Partnership Chair reported on the ongoing work on the MAGNA partnership agreement and efforts to streamline the process for approving partnerships.

Last fall an RFP for creating the administrative unit for STLHE was announced and CSSE responded with a proposal. CSSE already, in addition to its own organization, provides administrative support to educational societies and they would seem to be a good fit. The President, Vice-President, and Secretary presented a draft Statement of Work, resulting from their discussions and negotiations with CSSE, for discussion by the Board. While the final details still remain at the Board level for discussion the Board was pleased with the SoW and after suggesting minor changes. The modified SoW will be discussed further with CSSE.