STLHE Board Meeting – December 11, 2014

Executive Summary

Approved: January 9, 2015

The STLHE Board met on the afternoon of November 13, 2014 and the following items were on the agenda: Revenue Canada Audit of STLHE, an update on the renewal of the 3M National Teaching Fellows agreement, a report from the Partnerships co-chairs, planning for the Board face-to-face meeting in Winnipeg February 14th, a report for the chair of the Standing Committee on Student Advocacy, call for annual reports, procedures for obtaining Board approval and a report on the site visit with the organizing Committee for STLHE 2016.

Earlier in the year STLHE Canada Revenue Agency notified STLHE that it was being audited because was not compliant its submission of HST documentation for 2011 and 2012. Work collecting the documents, and in consultation with CRA began in August and has been concluded after payment of a penalty which is hoped to be about the same amount has the HST reimbursement that has been withheld by CRA. 3M’s legal department is in the process of rewriting the agreement to bring it into line with other similar documents. Carla assured us that the document will be complete by the end of the year but that she was being promoted to a new position at 3M and would not be working with us. Partnerships co-chairs provided an update and drafts of memoranda of Understanding. The CELT MOU was approved between the Society and the new editors of the Journal at the University of Alberta. MAGNA has two MOUs with the Soceity. One is for the online seminars and the second is the sponsorship of the Chris Knapper award. The benefits of the two MOUs are being reconciled to provide a revenue spilt between MAGMA and STLHE and a discount for online seminar subscriptions by STLHE members. The only outstanding consideration is a benefit for institution members that subscribe to the series. Our MOU with Academics without Borders had expired and the board approved a new agreement with AWB.

Under new business preliminary discussions on the agenda for the face-to-face Board meeting in Winnipeg included: Bilingualism and the Society, Budget discussion, Advocacy, Publications and communications, and improving the interface/engagement between the Society/Board and our members – getting back to grass roots. The Chair of the Student Advocacy Standing Committee presented a report that highlighted the Chair’s various activities from participating on the 3M National Student Fellowship Awards program, TAGSA and ISSoTL Board. There are plans for a survey of the student members, continued contributions to the Newsletter and the creation of a blog to enhance student engagement with the Society. The Secretary reminded the Chairs of the various standing committees and constituencies that Annual Reports are due early in the new year and provided some guidelines for the process and consulattion required when bring a motion forward to the board for its consideration: one of the most important being that any materials for consideration by the Board must be submitted more than a week before the Board meets.

Finally under other business Robert and Denise provided an update on their site visit with organizing committee for STLHE 2016 in Vancouver. A couple of issues that arose were related to the Awards Ceremony and how to effectively acknowledge the recipients without having a separate event that is not always well attended. There were also discussion on the appropriateness of the 10% conference levy that the Board will have to address at a future meeting.