STLHE Board Meeting – August 11, 2014.

Executive Summary

Approved: September 11, 2014

The STLHE Board of Directors met on August 11, 2014 and the two main items on the Agenda were approval of the new by-laws and the reorganization of the Administrative Offices of the Society.

New By-laws: Three years ago charitable organizations like STLHE were required to update their by-laws to conform to then new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. These changes have to be submitted by October 17, 2014. If not, Industry Canada will dissolve the Corporation. The Society hasn’t acted on this in a timely manner and we should have had new by-laws ready for approval at our Annual General Meeting in Kingston this past summer. Unfortunately the new Act requires that changes to by-laws be done at Annual General Meeting and not by online voting similar to what has been done in the past. This means we won’t meet the deadline but hope that being in the process of making the changes will allow some form of continuance from Industry Canada for STLHE’s corporate status. So we are trying to catch up and Denise, Robert and Jon met in Ottawa for two days to create the new By-laws for the Society that are posted on the STLHE Website along with the rational for changes and comparison between old and new by-laws. In crafting the new by-laws an attempt was made to stream-line their contents using model by-laws provided by Industry Canada and by removing operational and procedural matters and including them in the yet to be revised operations manual for the Society. The Board approved the by-laws with a few minor revisions. The next step will to start a consultative process with the membership with a final vote at the Annual General Meeting in Vancouver.

Administrative reorganization: The new distributed administrative model that was presented at the AGM in Kingston has failed to come together and we are currently in a state of flux. Muriel will still be working with us two days a week with the main responsibility of memberships and the STLHE web presence. We attempted to accommodate Sylvia with two days per week as she had requested by she resigned and the Board accepted her resignation at the meeting. The Board was asked for approval for one person to work one day a week on the financial files of the Society and that these should move out of the Hamilton office and to Mount Allison where the President is located. The Board approved the creation of the one day/week position for a financial administrator. The board has also approved a working group to go over the administrative functions of the Society and to create a Request for Proposals for the Administration of STLHE.

Other business: The Board approved of University of Alberta as the new home for our journal CELT.