Steering Committee

1. The activities of the Society shall be overseen by a Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee shall consist of the Officers and Regional Representatives as provided by By-Law 2 (a).  The size of the Steering Committee shall not exceed 20 members.

2. The Steering Committee shall be responsible for setting the Society’s general policies, preparing its annual budget, planning its activities, and managing its day-to-day affairs.

3. The Steering Committee shall have the power to establish, support and encourage Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within STLHE and to establish terms of reference for their operation. The Steering Committee shall also have the power to dissolve such groups at any time.

4. There will be two scheduled meetings of the Committee per year, one at the Annual Conference and one in the winter.

5. Regional Repesentatives who are unable to attend a meeting may nominate a substitute.