Selections of Officers

a  The President of the Society shall be a member who knows the Society well and will work to build on its strengths.  The President shall be selected by a Nominating Committee consisting of three members of the Steering Committee. The following process shall apply:

i The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Steering Committee.

ii  The Nominating Committee shall prepare and circulate an announcement of the position and duties.

iii    The Nominating Committee shall invite nominations from the STLHE membership and propose the name of the person who, in the Committee’s opinion, is the best qualified for the position.

iv     This name will be put forward for ratification at the Annual Business Meeting, at which further nominations will be accepted and, if necessary, a vote will be held.

b  The term of office of the President shall be two years, with an option to renew for one more term. The next President shall be selected at least one year before the end of term of the current President and shall serve as President-Elect in the interim.

c The Secretary shall be appointed from among the members of the Steering Committee. The Secretary shall have the usual duties pertaining to the office, including custody of the Society’s records, and keeping minutes of all Steering Committee meetings and General Meetings.

d  The Tresurer shall be appointed from the Society’s membership and shall, if possible, reside in close proximity to the President or Secretary to facilitate the co-signing of cheques.  

e  The Chair of the Publications Committee and the Coordinator of the 3M Teaching  Fellowship Programme shall be apopinted by the Steering Committee.