1. There shall be two categories of membership in STLHE: regular and honorary life member.

2. Regular membership in the Society shall be open to anyone who supports the aims set out in Article II and who pays the prescribed membership fees. The Steering Committee shall have the power to create various types of membership under this Article.

3. All recipients of the Society’s 3M Teaching Fellowship shall be honorary life members of the Society. The Steering Committee of STLHE may also admit such other persons to be honorary life members in the Society as it may determine from time to time. Honorary life members will be admitted because they support the aims set out in Article II and have made a distinguished contribution in teaching, in the scholarship of teaching, in educational leadership, in instructional development or in policy-making, or because they have served STLHE well over a significant period.  Honorary life members shall have voting rights but shall not be required to pay membership fees.

4. The Steering Committee shall have the power to create honorary positions of distinction other than those provided for under Article III, Section 3. Such positions require ratification at a General Meeting.

5. STLHE reserves the right to terminate the membership of an individual for actions contrary to the purposes of the Society or the  Society’s good standing. Such terminations require ratification at a General Meeting.