General Meetings

1.  There shall be a minimum of one (1) General Meeting of the membership of STLHE, one of which shall be the Annual Business Meeting held during the Annual Conference.  Between General Meetings the authority of STLHE shall be vested in the Steering Committee in accordance with this Constitution.

2. General Meetings may be called:

i       as directed by the Annual General Meeting;

ii      as deemed advisable by the Steering Committee;

iii     at the written request of twenty (20) members or 5% of the members, whichever shall be the greater.

3. The Steering Committee shall have the authority to set the time, place and format of General Meetings. Notwithstanding this authority, on receipt of a written request as provided for by Section 2 (iii) of this Article, the Steering Committee must call a General Meeting, to be held within two months of the date of receipt of the request.

4. General Meetings shall have the power to:

i    approve amendments to the Constitution;

ii   approve changes to the By-Laws;

iii  approve the slate of Officers;

iv  approve the financial statements, annual budget and dues structure;

v   direct and review the general affairs of STLHE and ratify actions taken by the Steering Committee between General Meetings.

5. The quorum for General Meetings shall be 20 members, or 20% of the total membership of STLHE, whichever shall be the lesser number.

6. Written notice of General Meetings shall be sent to all members at least four weeks in advance of the meeting.

7. Unless otherwise specified by the Constitution or By-Laws, decisions of General Meetings shall be determined by a two-thirds majority of those voting. Voting shall normally be by show of hands.