1. Membership fees shall be set at the Annual Business Meeting in accordance with the Society’s needs.

2.  In cases of special need the Steering Committee may propose a levy on members. Such a proposal must be approved in accordance with Article X.

3.  All revenue received by STLHE shall be used entirely for the work of STLHE in furthering its purpose.

4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparation of financial statements each year, shall arrange to have them audited, and shall have them approved by the Steering Committee before presenting these financial statements to members at the Annual Business Meeting for formal approval.

5.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt of all revenues, including fees, and shall be responsible for the keeping of all financial records. Cheques, bills, authorities and other instruments authorising payment from STLHE’s accounts shall require at least two signatories, who will be members of the Steering Committee appointed for that purpose.

6. The Steering Committee shall recommend to the Annual Buisness Meeting a budget for the coming year. When approved, this budget shall govern the finacial commitment of STLHE for that year.

7. No part of the income of STLHE shall be paid to any member of STLHE, except that members of the Steering Committee and others may be reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred in carrying out STLHE business. Employees of STLHE shall be fairly and reasonably compensated for services in carrying out STLHE responsibilities.

8. STLHE may receive grants and other monies and may deposit and expend these according to terms laid down by the donor and acceptable to the Steering Committee.