Article 4—Conditions of Membership


Membership in the Corporation shall be limited to persons and institutions interested in furthering the objects of the Corporation and shall consist of anyone whose application for admission as a Member has received the approval of the Board. Applications by prospective members shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Corporation.


There shall be three classes of Membership in the Corporation, consisting of Regular Members, Institutional Members, and Honorary Life Members. All classes of membership have equal voting rights. Membership in the Corporation is not transferable.


All recipients of the Corporation’s 3M National Teaching Fellowship shall be Honorary Life Members of the Corporation. Further, Members who support the aims of the Corporation and who have made a distinguished contribution in:






the scholarship of teaching;



educational leadership;



instructional development or



policy-making, or have served the Corporation well over a significant period of time may, at the sole discretion of the Board, be appointed Honorary Life Members by a vote consisting of the majority of the Board held at a Directors’ Meeting.

Any Honorary Life Membership may be revoked by the Board in its sole discretion by a vote consisting of the majority of the Board held at a Directors’ Meeting.

Notwithstanding anything contained within these By-laws, Honorary Life Members shall not be required to pay membership dues or fees, nor shall their membership in the Corporation expire otherwise than upon the death of such Honorary Life Member.

No Institutional Member shall be an Honorary Life Member, but such Institutional Member’s Nominee or any former such Nominees may be considered and approved for Honorary Life Membership in accordance with this Article 4.03.

The Board may by resolution create additional honorary positions of distinction in addition to those provided for in these By-laws. The creation of such positions must be ratified by a majority vote of Members at a General Meeting.


Membership in the Corporation for natural persons shall run annually from January 1 to December 31 and in the case of Institutions shall run annually from January 1 to December 31.


Membership fees or dues shall be such amounts as may be set by the Board by ordinary resolution, from time to time, and ratified at a General Meeting of Members. For greater clarity, the Board may set differential fees respecting separate classes of Members and respecting sub-classes of classes of Members, provided that any such differential fee structures are similarly ratified at a General Meeting of Members. Such fees are payable in Canadian funds.


Failure by a Member who is a natural person to pay dues for the current year by January 31 of that year, or, in the case of an Institutional Member, by January 31 of that year, shall result in the automatic termination of that Member’s membership on that date. 


Membership fees or dues shall not be refundable in whole or in part PROVIDED THAT the Board may in its sole discretion elect to waive this Condition in circumstances where the Board determines it to be appropriate.


Any Member may withdraw from the Corporation by delivering to the Corporation a written resignation and lodging a copy of same with the Secretary of the Corporation and such withdrawal shall be effective upon receipt by the Secretary of the Corporation of said resignation, or, if a time is specified in such resignation, then as at the time so specified, whichever is the later.


Any Member may be required to resign by a vote of TWO THIRDS (2/3) of the Members present at an Annual General Meeting, or by a vote consisting of a majority of Directors at a Directors’ Meeting which is subsequently ratified at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting.