16.04—Awards Sub-Committees


The STLHE / SAPES Awards Sub-Committees shall be the 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award Sub-Committee, the Alan Blizzard Award Sub-Committee, the Christopher Knapper Award Sub-Committee, the D2L Innovation Award Sub-Committee, the College Sector Educators Award Sub-Committee, the 3M National Student Fellowship Award and such other Sub-Committees as the Board may establish from time to time (the “Sub-Committees”) which shall administrate their respective awards and which shall undertake such further duties as the Board may authorize. 



Each Sub-Committee shall consist of:

a Coordinator, appointed by the Board from amongst the Members of the Corporation SAVE FOR the Coordinator of the 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award Sub-Committee as aforesaid, and each of whom shall hold office at the will of the Board; and

such other members as are appointed by the Chair or the Coordinator, such members to hold membership in the Committee at the will of the Chair, the Coordinator, and of the Board.



All members of the Sub Committee must be Members of the Corporation.